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Headphones dying?

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okay, as I am sure many of you have experienced, headphones or the jacks for them tend to die. my yuin ok3's seem to be doing this as they keep dying on and off in one ear in both my laptop and my ipod, whereas my old sennheisers play just fine moving around full 360 degrees in my ipod. So is it safe to assume that my headphones are dying? this is covered in the one year warranty by head-direct right? who do I contact for a replacement? thanks for the help.
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Email Head-Direct (address on their site) and tell them about the jack. It should be covered but you need to confirm it with Head-Direct nonetheless.
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I emailed them and the responses seem to be automatic. it told me to "Please print your online receipt, note you need a replacement, and ship to
Fang Bian
5317 94th st
Elmhurst, NY11373"

if that's the case then do I need to ship the headphones too? do they need their packaging? I am not getting any responses from the automatic system to these questions. the headphones do sort of still work at least temporarily I could live with them, but I figure I need to ship them back.
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You don't need to ship anything else but the earphone. If you want to talk (or PM in this case) to a real person, just PM 'Nankai' in the forum. He is the guy who run Head-Direct.
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that's alright. I just need to contemplate if I can wait a few weeks until I go home to ship the headphones out or if I want to do it right away. not sure if I can live with them lol. maybe have my broken pk3's shipped up and use those? wish I didn't give my roommate my sennheisers now.
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If you want something real cheap till your OK3 get fixed, try JVC HA-F130. It isn't as good as your Yuin but it is still good enough as a backup 'phone.
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