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Best Subwoofer $150 and under

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I need a good sounding subwoofer in this price range. I'm thinking my best bet would be to buy some and try them out from best buy or something. I'll be connecting bookshelf speakers to them, they're the sony SS-B1000. I'll be using the sub for gaming,movies, and music. So I guess it has to be pretty versatile.
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I'd recommend the Polk Audio PSW10. I've been using it for about a year now and have no complaints for the price point. It kind of gets muddy under around 45Hz or so, but I can't think of a sub I've heard at the price point that doesn't.
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I've been looking at this sub, and I read a review on amazon and found that the person said that the sub is good for music, but disappointing for movies/gaming. This is kind of a letdown because I'll be using the sub for gaming/movies in addition to listening to music. Would you sugggest I spend more money on the sub, or are there better options? How would the logitech z-2300 sub compare to the polk psw10?
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I think your best bet is the Premier Acoustic PA-120 on eBay which is $160 w/ 30% live cashback. I do a lot of reading over at AVSForum, and I just bought the Cadence CSX-15 for $399 - 30% live cashback - 10% PayPal coupon - 10% Cadence coupon = $200! This sub goes down to 20Hz.

They have a 12" model that goes down to 25Hz called the CSX-12 which can be had for $179 with the 30% cashback and contacting them about the 10% coupon. They will reimburse you through PayPal for the 10%.
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Originally Posted by MrKazador View Post
I can second that one great sub.
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If your budget is absolutely $150 or under, the Dayton SUB-120 is the one to get.
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