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Tips for my C751's

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I have had my 751s for about a few weeks now and I hate the stock tips. I have to constantly wiggle them trying to get a good seal. Can you guys recommend me some tips. I heard complys are good but do they last? Thanks.
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I just bought a pair of AH-C551
I should receive them in a week or so.

I've heard Comply T-400 are really great with them but they last about 1 month per pair depending on usage of course. I might buy a pack if the stock tips aren't good enough for me.
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Yep, T-400 are very good. Currently, I'm using C700 with T-400 and must say it's a great duo.
If you keep your ears clean, keep your headphones in clean place, then they last long.
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Owners often reccomend sony EX series silicon tips, although i don't know how much of a difference they'd make.

I put the tips from my CX300's on mine and they seemed a little better because they're slightly thicker.

Comply's are supposed to be the best comfort and isolation wise, but one pair lasts no more than a few weeks, and they're expensive.
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Had the c700's (exactly like C751's without the extension). Tried sony ex tips, skull candy, audio-technica, jvc silicon and foam, cx300 tips and comply t400. The best were the sony tips and the comply. They were slightly different, but close. Sony were a little more extended, comply's a little smoother. The comply's lasted a max three weeks before the seal/sound started to deteriorate. Tried washing them but they didn't come out the same. Everyone's ears are different so ymmv.
I ended up using the sony ex tips.
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