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"Electro Sixteen" - Benny Benassi vs Iggy Pop
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YouTube - Highroller by The Crystal Method

'nuff said

benga - diary of an afro warrior
dieselboy - the dungeonmaster's guide
aphex twin - selected ambient works 85-92
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OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik the whole album
The Click - Wolf Tickets
E-40 - Sideways
Nas - Make The World Go Round, Testify
Blackstar - Children's Story
Al Di Meola - The Embrace, Phantom
Wu Tang Clan - As High As Wu tang Get
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Most of Kanye West's music (if not all)
most of today's music
Move if you wanna - mims <- one of my favs
->I dont recoment playing those at full volumes with any earpiece, best for car set-ups (for showing off) and room set-ups with active subs
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The four of us are dying - Nine Inch Nails
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Scorn - Stealth

Ad Noiseam - Scorn "Stealth" - adn88

Although pretty much anything by Scorn is decidedly bass heavy...
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"Under The Stench"

Buried Death (2008)
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How about the Live Earth version of Big Bottom. IIRC there were about 27 bass players for that song
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Since you said any genre I'll throw in my $.02. Bass is the heart-beat of Salsa music and my favorite instrument. There is nothing like the sound of a thumping Ampeg Baby Bass. Here are a couple of samples of what I mean.

Sonora Carruseles - Song # 2 Quiero Que Suene Mi Campana

Eddie Palmieri - Song #3 Vamonos Pal Monte
Linky 2
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man kanye west song's have a ton of bass? i don't think so.

although i do not like this song:

white girl - young jeezy

i heard it in someones car and i couldn't hear anything but the bass
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Any Too Short, seriously.
Metallica - Eye Of The Beholder, Garage Days Re-Revisited, the $5.98 EP the whole thing if I remember correctly.
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Julian Cope - Wheelbarrow Man (bass in this song makes my windows rattle)

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (uses acoustic double bass)
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Are you asking for bassy songs for headphone listening or for speaker/subwoofer listening? Because the bassiest songs (and by that I mean extension and loudness) typically are found in organ music, but no headphone will shake the air at 16hz like a good sub.
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How is it that there's nobody that said Benny Benassi? I can tell you right now that Who's Your Daddy is borderline too much bass. Music video very nsfw (that's jut the censored version).
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