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Heavy bass songs?

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I have been on an electronic binge lately and was looking for anything with lots and lots (and lots) of bass. Like balls to the walls bass...seriously. Doesn't matter the genre really, literally anything...but country.
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Daft Punk - Around the World
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a milli by lil wayne
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He's a Pirate - Tiesto.

the Beats will blow your windows.
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"You've got Asterix n Space watch yer bass bins I'm tellin ya!"


or, No Protection - Massive Attack vs Mad Professor.
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Not techno, but Type O Negative's October Rust is positively headache-inducing on bass-heavy gear.
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Massive Attack - "Angel"
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Originally Posted by thatwunguy View Post
a milli by lil wayne

that bass is outta this world
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plastikman - cor ten

cristian vogel - general arrepientase

aphex twin - classics (album)

venetian snares - detrimentalist (album)
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I can recommend Rythmatic's Take Me Back from 1990, assuming you can reproduce the lower frequencies without trauma.
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Try this one.

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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Massive Attack - "Angel"
Hell yes! Actually, basically any trip-hop genre music has heavy bass.
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The massive attack - angel track has destructive amounts of bass.

Another good one is 3OH!3 - Richman
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"Proper Hoodidge" - Amon Tobin
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The Beatles: Come Together.
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