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Originally Posted by Apple254 View Post
Thanks for the all of the replies and arguments . I just thought in case anyone was wondering my father has ordered me a pair of q Jays for Christmas. Also if I cannot get a good seal, I will most definitely not return them, but instead order some Comply tips. Once again, cheers.

Enjoy! You'll love them--I owned the Super-fi 5 pro (haven't heard the Denon so I couldn't say compared to that) and can say that they are definitely better in terms of sound (more balanced, warmer, with the only downside being slightly less punchy bass, you can certainly hear it fine but I think you "feel" it a bit more with the super-fi's , but for comfort and the better overall sound it's a tradeoff worth making); they are far and away more comfortable (which was the real reason for my change) due to their small size, which is fantastic. I also temporarily owned the X10 and think the q-jays are better than that also--x-10 had great bass, but horrible microphonics (could not be worn over the ear) and were, to me, less detailed (I suspect being a dual-driver helps the q-jays out here). Anyway, really just wanted to say congrats and enjoy.
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HAH! I'm not the only one who thinks q-JAYS beat the Super.fi

(I also think they beat the C700, and without directly comparing them to the X10 I don't want to say which would win).
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Originally Posted by digivate View Post
Ergo ... in my opinion q-Jays suck.
I don't want to keep beating a dead horse, but I strongly agree with HeadphoneAddict on the bass issue. I know you're ears hear what they hear, that's why it's your opinion. Mine hear what mine hear, and I know what bass is. I'm not trying to disagree with you, but I don't want people thinking of buying q-jays to be misinformed by one opinion. Until recently, for many years, I had 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car. I now have 2 12" subs for my HT setup (as I already said). I like bass. These IEM's have not produced the most bass I have heard, far from it. But the bass is very nice to my ear. I listened to some hip-hop yesterday, listened amped and unamped (which there is a difference, but not huge), and I am pretty happy with what I heard. You may not be, and that's fine, but I think many, MANY, people will be very happy with these. I do not see a reason for more bass output, and from comparing my tastes with others, that's saying something. But without a good seal, then yes they do suck. Get foam tips! I suppose it depends on what your listening tastes are. In my opinion, if your a SERIOUS basshead, then you shouldn't be looking at IEM's anyway.
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I'll echo the above. It couldn't have been a good seal. I went a few days, with many of the different tips and thought that the q-jays really sounded awful. Then I got the seal right, and have been pleased with them since. With the wrong seal, they really do sound thin and harsh, and they were harder to get a good fit than other IEM's I've tried, but now it's no problem.
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Well, I like a bit of bass but most certainly do not want over powering bass. I listen to electronic music so in a way I guess I kind of want the bass to be clear. (If that makes sense) Any distortion is a BIG no go area. So thanks for the info rakster. Guess I will have to wait and find out if I like them...
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