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Denon C751's just arrived, first impressions.

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Scroll to the *********** to cut out the crap.

First of all, I wanna say "thank you" to the guys that helped a total newb pick out his first MP3 player and headphone combo Up until a few weeks ago, all I knew of the portable world was "Ipod" and "Creative Zen" - just the names, nothing more My knowedge is still rather limited but with help from some of you guys and searching on this forum I've managed to get the right set up for me and my pocket
From an MP3 player I just wanted a basic thing that would play music and nothing more so a 8Gb Sansa Clip was the weapon of choice. Then it was a case of find the right earphones for my taste and pocket. All, things seemed to point towards the, far too expensive for me - Denon C751's. However, a few price changes occured and the £100 to £140 price tag a saw everywhere was undercut by a certain web site at £79.99 So I thought I better snap them up before I regreted.
They came a few hours ago and I've had them stuck into my sansa clip since - feeding my listeners repetitive beats via pod casts I downloaded from Ibiza-voice. Dubfire, Dinky and Luciano mix's. Maybe not "ideal" testing fodder because the quality is debatable, however, it is fairly demanding media in that it has a massive contrast in highs and lows.
Sorry for that babbling by the way
Fit and noise isolation - With the std tips they seem to fit well. They're wedged in my ears comfortably and seem to make a good seal. I've had then in now for probably near on 2 hours and they're still comfortable - noticeable but comfortable. I am only sat stationary at the minute though so I haven't tested how well they'll stay in my ears in transit. They do give the impression, though that they will stay in there quite well. Noise isolation is just to my liking, theres quite alot of it but not a total block. Theres something about being totaly deaf to the world that bothers me and makes me uncomfortable. I like to be able to hear "something" externaly just to satisfy the "what if?" thoughts in my head So big thumbs up on the noise isolation for me - lots, but not a total block.
The all important performance in sound - The sound stage I noticed straight away was the best I've heard from in ear headphones, granted, I have nothing much to compare these to but still they offer a noticeably bigger sound than any other in ear headphones I've experienced before. This was to be expected though Volume I wasn't so impressed with. I've had the volume extension option turned "on" on the Sansa and the volume cranked upto the top and found the noise level to be acceptable but expected and hoped for a little more. Maybe my ears are still a little dull from being in the club last night til the early hours of the morning? From what I've read I fully expected these to offer more of a punch. The sound its-self is quite good and pleasing to me. This is all vague judgement I understand because I have so little experience for comparision. I have my HD25 sp's here at my PC which I use everyday and the less than desirable stock phones that came with the Sansa as recent benchmarks. Clearity is great and lived upto my expectations. Trebles are nice too but some are a tad harsh at high volume. This, I'm hoping will cure in time once the bedding in period is over. Bass is where its at for me with headphones, prodominantly down to the genre of music I prefer. I know its a little cliche' to want "stupid" bass but, within reason, thats one of my most desired characteristics from any personal audio output device From the reviews I've read, this is where I expected the C751's to blow me away. I fully understand though, that IEM's need to be something special to satisfy bass requirement that even mediocre speakers or full sized headphones can offer. You can't defy the laws of science. Put simply, the bass is good in all respects, you can hear the really lows and the mids are punchy - but, again, I expected more Is this something that will alter in time once they're "run in"?
Overall I'm pleased with my setup. Both components do what I wanted and haven't cost me too much I got the 8Gb Sansa at £46 and the C751's at £79.99. So for the dosh I don't think theres many obvious alternatives that will offer as much.
I'll post on here at a later date if theres anything to report, especialy if theres a significant improvement after the bedding in period which I've read so much about.
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if you want more bass buy a FiiO, personally for me i wouldnt use the Fiio with them as when i tried it i felt there was just soooo much bass, but if bass is what u want then for the £5-6 they are then its money well spent (they so cheap even if u decide to never use it its not a great loss)
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Why is it that the FiiO's are so stupidly cheap and then the other portable headphone amps are mega bucks?
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I've just rammed my Sansa with more listening material and higher quality MP3's. I've pushed the phones a little harder into my ears this time for a slightly tighter fit and played some of the new material. I'm much more impressed this time around. Volume is more to my liking, clearity seems better and that all important bass seems improved in all respects. Now they sound more like £100+ headphones
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yeah a good seal is important especially for bass, the denons do get better as they burn in
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I'm maybe starting to think now that my first session with these earphones was run without having had them fitted in my ears properly and now with more time to bed in I'm starting to enjoy these headphones more and more. They're pretty damn good little things! They're starting to really impress me actualy. They just seem to have impoved in all respects as I'm listening to then now as apposed to this morning. Maybe my ears were still muddy this morning from the previous night out. Also, now with a better fit, I've noticed external noise canceling has improved, almost to near on total block. Thats great if thats what you want but I prefer to have abit of external noise just to be on the safe side. I'm just playing a few drum 'n' bass tracks now through these C751's - they sound really pleasing
I'm currently listening to other/different genres of music and these little ear buds are pleaseing me more and more I'm alot more pleased with these now then after my first experience. They're great little phones
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never before have i ever seen that many smilies in one post lol
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I hop ethe same thing happenes to mine, I wasn't too impressed first time round.

Gotta wait till christmas now though
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i felt the same when i got mine, was not impressed at all when first put them in, but after i left them burning in for a couple of days they much improved but i still find they can be a bit fatigueing , certinaly much more so than any other earphones i own
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