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Best IEM for my amp <$100

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I know threads like this pop up all the time...but I need suggestions on which IEM's would be best to match my new amp.

My old setup was iPod nano->cMoy->Sony EX71's.

My cmoy and the nano got stolen a while ago, so I've upgraded to an iPhone, and I just bought a mini^3 (high performance version).

What's a good IEM to compliment the mini^3? I usually listen to electronic, so bass would be nice, but I also listen to (indie stuff) folk, and some rock and blues.

On my short list I've got the ER6i and the super.fi3. I'm also considering the nuforce NE-8, but I'm going to wait on more reviews...not to mention it's not even available yet.

Sound isolation is a pretty big deal, I'd like to wear them at work occasionally, and some areas require earplugs (NRR 28db).

So have any suggestions I haven't thought of? I'm leanign toward the etymotics, mainly due to their isolation. It's a shame they don't provide much bass, from what I've heard.
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ER6i is also just under $50 right now at They also offer excellent isolation from what I understand.

You could also look at the Westone UM1. About $110. (Up to 25 dB isolation)
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yeah the price on the er6i's is really good atm. Would they be that big of a step up from the ex71?

also, how is the isolation on the RE1? It looks like it gets some good reviews here, especially amped. It's only slightly above my price range, and if it's a significant difference in sq, I could probably stretch it.
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