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IEM: Am I hearing too loud?

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Hi guys,

I'm currently using a Sansa Clip 2 GB + Philips SHE9850 IEM.

On average, I'm listening at 16/31 (Normal Volume Setting).
In a noisy place, I listen at 19/31. Often in the gym, I'll listen at 25/31.

I really enjoy the music at 25/31.
I wonder if this is too loud.
I've always wanted to crank up the volume more but at the same time, I'm worried about hurting my ears.
My Clip is running at version V01.01.30A

On average, I'm listening for around 6-8 hours per day.
Volume 16/31 - 50% of the time
Volume 19/31 - 30% of the time
Volume 25/31 - 20% of the time

Am I listening too loud?

Here are the specs of my IEM:
Impedance: 12 ohm
Sensitivity:115 db

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The correct question to ask is, "can I lower my volume?"
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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post
The correct question to ask is, "can I lower my volume?"
I suppose I could.
But listening at lower volume, I don't get engulfed into the music, and the experience is less enjoyable

I find that 16/31 is the lowest I could tolerate. But if 16/31 could potentially damage my ears, I'm willing to re-adjust my volume.

Hmm, could it be that my hearing is already damaged?

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There is no accurate way of telling the SPL level in your ear canal with out going though an ENT specialist or audiologist's office. That is why you should always keep the volume as low as possible. Have a look at the lowest part on this page and it should give you a rough idea of what kind of SPL when you are listening to music.
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No, you are fine. Especially if your ears aren't ringing when done with a listening session.
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