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help me decide ER6i vs. Um1

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I've read many many threads on both of these IEM's and I still have trouble deciding between the two.

Its cheap at palm right now!
FWIR, it has a sound sig that I like.

Not too into sticking things in my ears, and they require deep insertion

comfort kings! (shallower insertion which i can handle)
supposedly balanced across spectrum (could someone clarify this for me? I'm coming from marshmallows, air cushions, and Sr-60s)

great value, but still double price over ER6i

also, which one is more forgiving? I have less that stellar source files (only a third or so of my library is FLAC or high bitrate mp3)

I am a a income-less student so cost is important.

I listen to (alt) rock, some electronica, lots of mainstream stuff. I love the grado sound sig though I feel it needs more bass.
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If you love grados and are poor just go for the 6i's. They're really not as bad for most people as most people try to make them out to be, especially if you snip the last flange off of the triflanges. And they're on sale for like $50 right now, vs $110. The difference between the two is merely sound signature, it would be difficult to flatout say one sounds better than the other.
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I have the UM1 and the im716 which uses the ER4 drivers. I like the sound of the im716 better, but use the UM1 a lot more because of comfort. They sound slightly muddy in comparison to the im716. They're not bad though.

By balance, I think most people mean that they don't emphasize any part of the spectrum over the others. They are a little rolled of at the top, especially compared to the im716 and have more bass then the im716, but not overwhelming bass.

The UM1 is more forgiving. I'm not that familiar with Grados, but I don't think either will sound much like a Grado.
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I've owned the ER6's and Marshmallows, tried the UM-1's and own Grado Sr-80's and FX66's.
I've owned/tried many canalphones, iem's, earbuds and full size headphones and have never come across anything else that sounds like a Grado.
If you think the Grado (which IS bass light) could use more bass, then you won't like the ER6 which will reproduce bass detail but has zero impact. As well, it is very detailed and will magnify any flaws in your source files.
I haven't tried the UM2 or customs, so for me the UM1 was the most comfortable iem I have ever tried. I found it well balanced but slightly rolled off at the extremes. Pleasant for long listening sessions but without the emotion that I feel listening to the same music with Grados.
Headphoneaddict recently reviewed the Nuforce NE-7. You may want to wait a bit for more reviews of it and the NE-8 as these both sound very promising.
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If comfort is an issue, just get som eshure olives for the ER6i or use the foams. They will easily be as comfortable as the UM1.
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Originally Posted by majurglery View Post
If comfort is an issue, just get som eshure olives for the ER6i or use the foams. They will easily be as comfortable as the UM1.
I use the Shure olives with my im716 and they aren't as comfortable, especially during allergy season. When pollen is bad, I sometimes can't use the im716 at all, and if I can, I can use it for an hour tops before it gets too uncomfortable. I've used the UM1 on a 7 hour plane ride with no discomfort. I never have a problem using them during my commute.
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Owned both, and enjoyed the er6is for 6-8 months (sold them to buy er4p). Sent the UM1s back in a week. The latter are comfy, but I didn't care for the muted highs. If you are going to spend $109 for UM1s, add $16 to the deal and get Klipsch X5s for $125 at (sales ends 11/30). Better phone than both, and comfy.
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ER6i much better. UM1 main trait is midrange but ER6i has midrange plus treble that is better than 90% of all other iEM's out there.
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well, the ER6i is no longer on sale. so they are on equal ground when it comes to cost.

thanks for the advice everyone. Give me a few more days and I'll see which one I order.
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Big mistake if you pay $100 for either of those phones, and don't save another $25 for the X5s (in my opinion).
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Eek, where were they $50? I picked them up for $75 + shipping.
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Originally Posted by jonathanjong View Post
Eek, where were they $50? I picked them up for $75 + shipping.
Black Friday sale at Amazon, $49.99 with free shipping!!!! Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones (Black): Electronics
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