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What is that term called again?

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Whenever an IEM amplifies the noise that comes from the wires rubbing on your shirt (or anything for that matter). I know my Marshmallows do this, and I'm looking for another IEM that prevents this from happening (while remaining as cheap as possible).

I know, I'm a nub, don't eat me.
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oh i think its called microphonics
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Microphonics also describes the noise tubes make.

You could possibly be looking for the term "triboelectric noise", which is the noise unique to cables.

For what it's worth, the way to rid yourself of this problem is to wrap the cable over your ear. You need something to minimize or dampen the vibrations of the cable other than your ear canal. Some IEM's also have a shirt clip which works pretty well.
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Sweet, thanks for the info. It may be useful to me.

Though, I'm just curious. Are there any IEM's that completely rids itself of microphonics? I heard some Westones do this. Maybe I should start saving up. I hate the stupid noises
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The westone designs have some of the lowest microphonics of anything I've used, but only because they're designed to wrap up and over your ear, and they're designed to fill a lot more ear space than just your ear canal. The extra space they fill helps dampen the vibrations, which is what causes the noise.

they're also great IEMs, so I'd consider picking up a pair. The UM1 goes for about $100 used on these boards, and is a good deal at that price. the Westone 2 goes for $200, and is a much better deal.
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From what I have used Shure and Ultimate Ears stock cable both have very little microphonics if any while over the ear but I do not know about other companies
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Try wrapping your marshmallow cable over the top of your ear -- it'll solve most of the problem
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Stock cable from the UE TF 10 Pros have very very low microphonics. The custom cable from Null Audio has way more microphonics, yet in an acceptable way, if you don't hear your rig while jogging or taking the dog out.
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If you don't want to pay too much for new IEMS or canalphones (that is if you just are tired of the marshmallows), you can get the jvc fx66 which is like the big brother of your current earphones. I just got them a couple days ago and have been loving them. The most comfortable in ear's I have ever used. The lil air cushions really help prevent microphonics. THere's also a little slider thing on the cord that you can move up near your chin (although i'm unsure how much that helps...).

They're cheap on buy.com!
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