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super.fi 5 pros or no...leaning towards X10's!

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well, i write this thread because the sale at soundearphones is ending soon. i was thinking about getting the super.fi 5 pros for about $162. but im not sure if thats the right one for me, so im here to ask!

i listen to a range of music, rap/hip-hop/r&b/rock/pop rock/soft rock/punk rock/heavy rock/metal/heavy metal.

some artists for references off the top of my head would be, jason mraz, john mayer, killswitch engage, all that remains, rise against, michelle branch, lil wayne, beyonce, linkin park.

i would like to try and keep it under 200 dollars. i tried calculating the discounts and such on the triple.fis but it was still too much for me.

what kind do most people use with the super.fi's? cuz i know the super.fi comes with foam, bi-flanges and the regular ones.

i currently own a set of hd595's, but i its obviously too big to carry outside and i would like something that feels that im more in the music. the 595's jsut didnt make me feel like im in the music. would the super.fi 5 pros have more bass? and i suppose more upfront? i want to feel that im in the music not by volume, but by quality.

will wearing over the ear earphones take time to get use to? i never wore earphones like that before.

i have looked at the klipsch x10 since it has its half off sale, but i feel that the actual earphone part (black and orange part) is too long, im afraid they might be too long and look weird and fall out easily. isnt it like 1 1/2 inches?
anyone know how long the super.fi 5 pros are compared to those?

ALSO, if there are any other suggestions on earphones to get, i really appreciate that. im open to other reccomendations as well.

thanks again!

edit*** i just wanted to add that i am not a bass head, but i i do like somewhat or a little above average bass. i hope the super.fi 5 pros would have more bass than the hd595's
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I used to have super.fi 5 pros until they broke. I just got the x10. IMO, they are better in every way except maybe durability. The super.fi's stick out way more than the X10s and is a real tight fit for small ears because they are big and bulky. The Klipsch on the other hand, barely stick out and all you really see are the black ends sticking out of your ear. The super.fi's are more efficient but I think the super.fis have a better sound, no contest. I wish I could compare them head to head but alas I can not cause the reason I bought the x10's in the first place was because i stepped on my super.fi's.

Overall, the super.fi's have a good sound, but to me it was never satisfying. I felt the trebles were too rolled off and the bass was not tight enough. If you take care of your earphones, without a doubt I'd recommend the Klipsch but if you don't, I think the super.fi's can take more abuse because the X10 is just so small with thin wires.
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Opinions differ, but I find the Klipsch X5's vastly superior to the SF5 Pros. Better balance, wider soundstage, less fatiguing, and more comfortable. For me, it's not close.
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Get the Image X10. You won't regret it. I didn't. (No, they don't stick out, and you can even sleep on your side with them on if you need/want to. They also sound amazing)
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i see i see..interesting. these are all very good responses. ill look into the x10's and to hoeboe2k, u said..."The super.fi's are more efficient but I think the super.fis have a better sound, no contest" did u mean the x10s have better sound no contest? because when u use the word "but" its supposed to indicate something opposite or contradicting.

o yea, are u supposed to wear the klipsch over the ear or do u just stick them in as u see with ppl who have ibuds.
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Yes my bad haha, i didn't proofread. I did mean the X10 has a better sound no contest. Forgiveness please.

You just stick the Klipsch's in like an ibud. The super.fi's are over the ears which I do like, for added security on staying in your ear.
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ooo...so for sure these will not look like their sticking out when worn? can someone take a picture of these when worn? from multiple views? do these fall out easily? also, how much microphonics are there with the image x10?
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Well, it's not multiple views (I have to send each of these from my phone to an email account since I'm on vacation, really annoying), but this is what the X10 looks like in my ear.
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oh interesting, thats not that bad at all. thanks for the pic!
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One cool thing about this site is that you can read many, many reviews of a particular model, and most of them are written by audio nerd types. (I mean that in a good way. )

The X10's, along with the Sleek SA6's, seem to stand out. They are almost unanimously liked by the people who try them. That's good information to have.
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