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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post
This sounds so cool, I want to be there but my wife said I can't fly to Europe for a Head-Fi meet. Money always gets in the way. Damn.
Wrong on two points.
1) It's not money but your wife that gets in the way.
2) You're not just going to Europe. You're coming to the Netherlands.

Anyway. Consider the bigger meet somewhere around May! Take your wife with you and we'll bake her a cake as well!
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Oh and Smuh, your cake looks uberdelicious and hilarious at the same time Good job!!
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Hello hehehehe are we going to decide on ANYTHING anytime soon?
Greetings, Anouk,
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If Digitalmind (Rik right?) is going to be host he should have the final input. I say Rik gets to choose the date. Agree?
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