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IEM's under $100 (BASS LOVER!!!)

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Hey, I was wondering if someone could steer me towards the best IEMS that are under $100. Looking for something that delivers the best bass and doesn't disappoint in other areas... The type of songs I listen to are reggae, hiphop, trance, and occasionally rock. I heard v-moda models are good but are not that durable, doesn't last long. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, thanks!!! Also, wat IEMS go well with my COWON d2 which I just bought. Thanks!
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Denon C551, FTW. It depends on how much under $100, of course. But if you're thinking just below $100, I think 551s are a good buy. However, if you can find C751s for a shade over $100 (Amazon might still have them at this price), that's a real bargain.
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Sennheiser CX500

Sennheiser is known for thier BASS

Punchy Bass, Clear mids and highs, Good Isolation
built in volume control
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thanks!!! I've heard great things about both of them. I just bought a cowon D2 and they have EQ settings for bass and stuff, if I buy bass heavy headphones would it satisfy my needs or do I have to set the EQ settings ultra high. Oh ya' sorry to ask but wat IEMS would u suggest with bass and clarity that are under $150 or around that price, just decided to spoil myself I guess. THanks!
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Well if you truly are a BASSLOVER then Super. Fi 5 EB are what i suggest. tehre around 160. The bass is amazingly strong. However if you start listening to some songs that aren't meant to have heavy bass it gets a bit annoying. I love mine though.
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I'm not that crazed about bass, but I just need something that doesn't lack bass... I also want clarity. Is there something that would satisfy my needs, haha... Thanks! So far: Super. Fi 5 EB, Denon C551, and Senn CX500... other suggestions would be great.
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I'm not an audiophile freak, but just need something that are definitely better than the stock headphones that came with my COWON d2, which I want hear at its potential. Thanks!!
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Alright, after doing some research and reading the forums I have narrowed down to these headphones: Dennon C551, nuforce ne-7, Westone UM1, and Ultimate Ears 5EB .... From these choices which is the most durable, has the best SQ (balanced mids/highs), isolation, and has quality bass. Thanks!!!
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Durable: UM1, SF5EB
SQ: Not sure, but probably between SF5EB and NE-7
Isolation: UM1, SF5EB
Bass: SF5EB

However, if you are willing to stretch to the SF5EB, you should also consider the FS Atrio M5.
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Thanks alot bro... That's all I needed to hear. If I had the budget I would have definitely gone with the Atrio M5, thanks!
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Ive had the UE 5ebs for a while. Without any amplification, e.g. powered only by my ipod, sq is great. But with an amp, bass just overpowers the mids and the highs. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks Pleco00... So u would also suggest the UE 5ebs...
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Ok I was wanting to ask something in a new thread but I think I will hold off for now and just hi jack this one a little while staying on topic.

Which ones fitting this criteria have replaceable cables for someone who gets internal breaks within 6 months and doesnt want/cant afford full replacements that often.

edit: Oh I forgot to mention I know the super fi does.
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what about Mylarone bijou 3? You will also receive a free FiiO E3 with them
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Can anyone tell me if Head-Direct RE2 are ne good. How is it compared to the Dennon c551 or senn cx500. Thanks!
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