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The first unit I got had a defective microphone; I had to send it back; Jaybird replaced it; the new unit works, no problem. And it's very good. Good enough that I've been doing most of my listening on it for the past months. I've got better-sounding IEMs (the 4.A is the best I own), but the Bluebuds X offers the best combination of good sound and practicality, which matters a lot since I do most of my listening in the street, in public transportations, and at the gym. And yes, it has survived the sweat test. Actually, it's been surviving the sweat test on a nearly daily basis for the past month or so, since I've hit the gym regularly and it's so darn hot and humid here. 

Bottom line: In my opinion, it's worth the asking price.

Did you buy direct from jaybird? Who handled the warranty?
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Originally Posted by adamschuetze View Post

Did you buy direct from jaybird? Who handled the warranty?


Yes. Jaybird.


Alas, it seems I'll get to talk with them again soon. One of the buttons has stopped working (the three buttons had, but two "came back" after a week) and, today, the right earpiece has become silent. Each time it happened when I was sweating like crazy, but they're supposed to be completely sweatproof. frown.gif


Still, the sound is good and they're incredibly practical. I've been using them every single day.

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How do they compare, in terms of sound quality, with wired IEMS? I have Shure SE530, for comparison. I'm just trying to eliminate wires for some situations.
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The right side started working again, though it's now slightly weaker than the left (which is only obvious with a mono signal, such as the audiobooks I'm often listening to).


Actually, I've never heard the SE530. But since it's a wired IEM costing more than 3x as much as the Bluebuds X, I do hope it sounds better. tongue.gif


The Bluebuds X are well-rounded. They're the first BT headphones I tried and kept using. For the first time, everything is "good enough": the background is black enough (while other BT headsets often hiss), the bass has enough slam but doesn't bleed into the mids, the mids are articulate, the highs aren't fatiguing (no sibilance, no shrillness) but there's enough extension at the top not to feel claustrophobic.

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