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Etymotics HF2 but I also tried it with my APS recabled ER4-S. It sounded very good with both when not killed by rf interference
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I've been interested in the T4 to go with my iPod Touch 2G and Senn IE8's. I know that the IE8 can be a bassy phone (i've had no trouble) but would it work for or against the T4.
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Can't help you there, looking for the answer to the same question except with my triple's
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I had a T4 which I though sounded superb in relation to its price. If I take the price out of the equation I would say the T4 sounds very very good, BTW my SuperFi 3 Live and Yuin OK1 sounded very nice from the T4.
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Originally Posted by nc8000 View Post
It worked very nicely with my HF2 which is the same just with the mic added. I had to sell it however since I need it with an iPhone as source and the lack of rf shielding made it impossible to use in that configuration unless I set the iPhone in airplane mode. I will now be looking to the Pico Slim but that will be an entire different price range. For it's price I think the T4 is a little marvel if you need something ultra portable
I really enjoy your answers, thank you.

I plan upgrading Dap with the Sony X1050. Is this a combo that will give good results?

(Sony + iBasso)

What is this problem with the shielding you mention? What other players might be prone to this?
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Can't comment on the Sony's as I have never heard them. The rf shielding problem occurs with mobile phones when they are communicating with the tower. You get loads of loud pops and other unpleasant noices. It is mostly a problem with 2G signals and less so with 3G signals. Also with the iPhone there was no problem when using it in wifi mode. So it will not be a problem with non telephone daps (unless you keep the dap and amp in very close proximity of your mobile phone).
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Good news then...
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Reviving an old forgotten topic.


I just got my iBasso T4 from a forum member. Swedish post is awful, 10 days from Italy to Sweden.

The included mini-to-mini is rubbish! (replaced it immediatly) But the tiny thingie is sweet.

Using my RE0, it helps providing a fuller sound, there is a bass boost, without using the boost-button, but it is small.

Bass help is more in bass body and makes sure that it stays puchy.

Gain is only 10dB, that's 2x the regular volume.

The soundstage also slightly improves and gone is the sibilance I sometimes hear with the foam-removed RE0. Thin sounding music get more warm body, that's awesome. There were some audiofiles I just hated to play before.

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Yep, I really like my T4.  I had the T3 when I had my RE0, but without the bass boost, the T3 just made the RE0 sound a bit crisper, but no extra body and warmth in the bass.  The T4 with the bass boost does that with my Sunrise Xcape, which is very similar to RE0, but with a bit more bass body (even without the T4).  It's a great little amp.

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Interested about combo with SW-Xcape, I have read it does not benefit that much from amping. Do you agree?

Some even say that the xcape is a warmer re0.

What the T4 does not, is creating forward mids for my re0, too bad, was hoping for something like that as well.

When I am home (in Belgium) I can test it with my Brainwavz M1, probably won't improve it but I am interested wheter it gets too warm?

Anyone tried it with a warm sounding IEM yet?

Even without the bass boost off, it gives better impact and fills the bass.

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To my ear the T4/T3 amp is a very clean amp that really doesn't accentuate anywhere in the sound spectrum, it just amplifies cleanly.  It seems to focus or clarify a bit, but it could be that my mind is hearing a volume increase as an increase in clarity.  


The T4 without the bass boost does give a bit more body (thickness, maybe) to the Xcape.  With the bass boost, the Xcape is capable of very satisfying bass body and mid warmth -- it is not head-thumping bass with tons of air moving -- it's just natural, right-sounding bass.


Yes, the Xcape is a warmer, even more balanced RE0 -- it gains some mid- and bass body over the RE0, but loses some of the very upper high sparkle of the RE0 (but the RE0 high was nearly infinite, so the Xcape does not suffer with rolled off or recessed highs at all) -- it's just very evenly balanced all across the board.


REO vs Xcape, amped vs Un-amped -- none of these differences are dramatic or extreme -- they are subtle but nice.

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I only had about 5h of listening but I can state that the iBasso T4 gives my RE0 the bass I was always hoping for and an almost 3d soundstage.

I also spent some hours listening unamped again and I find that soundstage and bass really are the weaknesses of the RE0 unamped.

With some music that difference is almost unnoticable, but with other musicfiles it is a big difference.

My listening was mostly of CCR and I think I had an eargasm.

The very first post states that cymbals seem weaker, that is true but that is just because bass gains more authority.

I can sometimes even "feel" the drums beating. Crazy Mama from The Rolling Stones was the best example.

Brass play is so much fuller and the music becomes more lively. With the T4 my RE0 sounds more musical, very slightly warm and has great bass quality, treble still remains crisp. Sibilance is mostly removed unless too apparent in the recording itself.

It stays more or less neutral but very bright recordings are so much nicer to listen to. 

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thank you for sharing .

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