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Best Earbuds/IEM For Trance

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Hi Im not really new here. Ive been lurking for a couple weeks now. I am on the search for some earbuds or IEMs that would do trance justice. Looking at all the different headphones and peoples description of them only makes me want them more. But I havent seen a lot of people describing earbuds with trance. Searching I see mostly suggestions for full size headphones. I do want some full size headphones one day but right now I dont have that kind of money to spend on some quality headphones (200+).

I am looking for portable headphones since right now that is when I listen to my music the most. I have the ep630 and the cx300 right now. I mostly listen to the cx300 although I am getting sick of them.

The ep630 I thought was not detailed enough but was pretty smooth sounding compared to the cx300 which was piercing. I really like the details with the cx300 which I never noticed before with stock earbuds. The only problem I have is that with trance, stock earbuds are good enough for the main melodies of the song and everything else is kind of smooshed together but with the cx300 I can hear the details which is nice but it sometimes takes away from the main melody.

Now the KSC75 was better than the two IEMs I have combined. Nice details that dont detract you from the main melody. The thing I dont like about the KSC75 is that it is open and because of that are not really suitable for noisy situations like riding on the bus or in quiet situations like in the library. I mostly use them at home.

I am considering buying the Yuin OK3 or the CXL400 which are only twenty dollars on newegg right now. I am wondering if the OK3s are open or closed. How would they would handle in a noisy enviroment and how much sound would they leak in a quiet one? I am also considering the AKG K81DJs but I hear there are problems with the bass. How do the OK3s compare against the KSC75 or the K81DJs? My priorities for headphones right now would be sound quality first and isolation second although if the isolation is really bad then that would make the sound quality moot. I am not an audiophile although I like to think that I am becoming one and so the terms I use may not be right. So just read my post from a different context and give me your opinions. Your suggestions should you have any should be around the same price range as the OK3s.

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The IEMs listed in that thread are all out of my price range which is around 80 dollars. I didnt see any mention of earbuds in that thread either. Basically what I am trying to find out is how do the OK3s compare against IEMs in its price range sound quality wise. Then I think I would be able to make a decision.
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Check out my thread about most BASS response.
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Here is an affordable option you may consider. Goto and order a pair of the orange colored earphones for $4 (no brand name), and a fiio e3 amp for $9. Total cost is $13 shipped, plus an AAA battery to run the e3.

When fitting the earphones, make sure you use one of the smaller tips so that the highs and mids are not muddied. The e3 with give them a lot of energy through out the spectrum, and a healthy bass boost. Personally, I also use the bass boost from my player as well from time to time to give them even more bass. This set up does not produce the deepest bass, but what it does produce, it does with excellent slam, good clarity and control. I think you'll like what you hear, but keep in mind, sound isolation will not be great, and people have reported that the QC on these orange buds are not that good either. However FWIW I have two pairs, and both work well.
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When listening to music the most important aspect for me personally isnt the bass but the melody which I guess means trebble. Ive been thinking about this for a long time since everyone who replied seems to suggest buying high end IEMs that maybe I should buy them. I think I can justify the cost to my family by saying that Ill save a lot of money buying into highend first rather than periodically upgrading which is true. Ive already spent 95 dollars on headphones.

Now that Ive broken the price barrier I am looking at various 200 dollar range IEMs. Ive narrowed my choice down to the Klipsch X5, X10, and Shure SE310. I have no experience with high end IEMs and the only IEMs I have/tried are the ep630 and the cx300. These IEMs have kind of given me a bad experience and Im worried about piercing highs and overpowering bass in IEMs in general. One thing I have always wondered about is sound quality to price ratio. Which ones have the highest ratio? Headphones, earbuds, or IEMs?

Oh and I did consider the dealextreme option a couple weeks ago but didnt want to cause of the QC and sound isolation is important to me. Now I only need to come up with the money...
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If you're considering a $200 IEM for mainly Trance listening (or most anything, really), go with the Image X10 or the Atrio M5/M8. Either can be had for around $170-$180.
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Your ep630's and cx300's are canalphones. The Klipsch and Shure you mentioned are iem's. Iem's are inserted deeper into the ear than canalphones and provide much better isolation.
I have had the cx300's and found the bass to overpower the rest of the spectrum and the treble could be considered shrill.
The X-10 and Atrio M5/8 seem to be the most recommended iem's for bass and trance. Unfortunately since I don't listen to trance I can't make a personal recommendation. However, please don't think that the bass will be like the cx300's. They are not boomy at all and the rest of the sound spectrum is much more detailed and pretty well balanced.
Earbuds don't isolate at all and don't reproduce deep bass very well. Although the Yuin's are terrific, there's only so much you can do with a small driver that sits outside the ear canal.
Full-sized headphones are capable of much better sound than either earbuds or iem's, but usually at the expense of isolation and portability. In addition, most of the better headphones require an amp to drive them properly.
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Originally Posted by Taikero View Post
If you're considering a $200 IEM for mainly Trance listening (or most anything, really), go with the Image X10 or the Atrio M5/M8. Either can be had for around $170-$180.
I just got the X10s and they would be great for Trance and I agree with Taikero that they are great with mostly anything. Right now it is under $200 for a $340 IEM. You have 30 days to try they out as well I'm enjoying mine
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Well it turns out Im not gonna have enough money for the x10s. Now Im looking at the er6i, ne-7m, and the ne-8. If the ne-8 are better overall in sound quality than the ne-7m I would get the ne-8. Dont really care about the mic. I am pretty split though on deciding between the nu forces or the er6i. Your suggestions are highly appreciated since I dont think I have much time left until the sales are over.
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Have you not searched on this topic? If you had, you obviously would have run across some wonderfully useful recommendations from my little guy...Wilfredo.

OK...enough with lashing mate, here it is again. Listen (read) carefully:

The Early Days...discovering Trance

Early on, my little guy...young Wilfredo garnered an appreciation for fine music... His first words murmured were "Feed Me Trance".

With that, I inserted a newly purchased pair of Shure se310...and watched in amazement as he bopped his head and began to dance (Feeling the rhythm). Swapping out a pair of UE Super.Fi 3's, again the same reaction occured...alot of head bobbin.

Sweet Mercy little man... a proud gleaming Papa I was, smilin from ear to ear.

With this real world experience, I (and more important Wilfredo) can hole-heartedly recommend the Shure SE310 and UE 3's. Now the Shure SE310's may be a little out of your price range...but in this case turn to the little brother se210. They possess alot of the same characteristics, warm, balanced sound with velvet mids.

Good Luck!!!
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Ultrasone PRO 750 vs. Denon AH D2000

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Originally Posted by oak3x View Post
Early on, my little guy...young Wilfredo garnered an appreciation for fine music... His first words murmured were "Feed Me Trance".
WTF are you talking about? Do you have a kid named Wilfredo? Your kid listens to trance music?
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around $80, maybe u can have a go with the sony ex90. personally i love the bass with ex90 and bright treble. though the sound stage is not very impressive but it's a good price choice for trance i think. i also had a pair of cx300 long time ago and i have to say it's just too muddy and dark and the separation is really bad when there are too many sounds at the same time. i didn't like it a single bit :-(

I've been listening to the state of trance with my sony walkman and ex90 for over a year now and just recently changed my earphone to sennheiser IE8. while IE8 is a all rounder winner i still miss the bass performance on ex90: not muddy, and deep. i also have UE 5 pro but ex90 definitely is better with trance.

that's all my personal opinion though. oh and one thing about ex90, the isolation sucks, so not a good choice if u listen on bus a lot.
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I did search, I dont have money for 200 dollar headphones and can only spend around 60 dollars. The ones I just listed are the ones Im considering. Please comment on them, time is running out!
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