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Grado's efficiency rating is 98dB @ 1mV (not mW)! But actually it should be 98dB @ 100mV, which will translate into 103dB @ 1mW (Grados are 32-ohm headphones).
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I really like the EX70's but I think people are right when they say they might not work well with a 5mw md player. It depends how loud your used to playing. However, mine play a lot louder than my Koss Sportapros do before distorting. With my Panasonic 470 (9mw/ch) at max level the ex70's sound good and are at a reasonable volume level (but not as loud as I sometimes like), while the Sportapros can't get near that loud without distorting and wrecking the drivers.

It might be a good idea to get an extended warranty on the Koss' if you like loud music, that way you can just return them to the store anytime they blow up and get another pair. I'm on my 3rd pair and I'm taking really good care of these ones so they haven't had any problems and probably won't ever unless I let someone else use them. And if these ones ever have trouble later on, I'll just go through the hassle of sending them to koss for the lifetime warranty thingy.
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mcbiff: Maybe people only notice that, when the buds don't fit properly. Because, at least for me, the EX70s don't work: I don't get a proper fit and thus the sound is weak, as there's no bass and a totally misbalanced frequency response...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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If you live in the US you might want to check out the Radio Shack part # 33-1132 cans on sale for $19.99 (1/2 price)

Made by KOSS and roughly equal in sound to the Sportapro
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save for that huge volume control...
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I have the KOSS/Optimus PRO-25 which also has the volume control

And for what I use (abuse ?) these cans for the volume control is a nice touch

That includes any activity that can damage the CD player or amp (mtn biking,canoeing,climbing/scrambling,ccaving,etc)

I usually put the electronics in a padded waist pack and cinch the sucker down ,the cord with volume control is clipped to my shirt in easy reach

sinch an MD is pocket sized ,a cord mounted volume control might be useful here too,for convenience
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Since an MD is pocket sized ,a cord mounted volume control might be useful here too,for convenience
But then again, most MD units have remote controls...
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Thank you guys for the loads of replys and all the help (quite francly i'm anewcomer to forum's so i really appriciate the help).
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what are you thinking of getting, out of curiosity?
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I think I'll get the Koss KSC-55 or 50, since I heard a LOT of good things about Koss all around.
Thanks again,
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...since I heard a LOT of good things about Koss all around.
But don't make the mistake of assuming that ALL Koss headphone are good.. 'Cause most of them aren NOT. The only good Koss are I think the PortaPro series (Sporta/KSC-35/-50/-55) and their electrostatic model..
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