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MiniDisk Headphones

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I'm about to buy the sony mz-r900. I've heard from so many people that the supplied earbuds suck. I would really like a descent pair of headphones (I don't really like the earbuds thingies). Can anyone recommend a good up to 50US$ pair of portable (It's rather important they'll be portable) headphones.

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I'd reccomend the Koss KSC-50. It's a clip-on style headphone, extremely portable, and it sounds great. I'm not sure where you live, but you can buy a pair at Borders for $20, as you can at Best Buy and it only costs $15 at Circuit City. It's also a rather stylish pair of headphones. Here's a picture:

This just in! Koss has also made a new set of streetstyles with what should be the same transducers as the KSC-50. SO if you like streetstyle headphones, you can get them at www.headphones.com. Again, here's a picture:
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Originally posted by Neruda
It's also a rather stypish pair of headphones.
"stypish" -- are those the kind of 'phones that Michael Stipe wears?

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alright, you know what...

it's edited. you happy now?
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Lots of minidisc owners also like the Sony EX70SL's, they some in black or white and have a short cord, with an extension cord. $57 @ www.minidisco.com ; $51.50 @ www.minidiscmall.com
A *little* over budget, but keep it in mind.

Also the Koss KSC-35's ($22-$30) and KSC-50's (only $20) (as Neruda recommended). These use the same drivers and are fairly cheap; The 35's squeeze on your ears for better bass, and i guess a slightly better sound overall, and the 50's are cheaper and look better; some say they are a bit loose compared to the 35's. [The Portapros and Sportapros both use the same drivers as the 35's and 50's - Portapros seem to be the best choice for most - reg $50, but they can be had for as low as $35 if you look around the net]

Some good cheap earbuds are the Sennheiser MX-500's, a few ppl cannot use them because they don't fit their ears right, but many proud owners (who have the right fit with the MX-500's) say that they are quite similar to the (approx) $80 Sony e888's, and share many of the same qualities, but are a lot better value.

-Hope I didn't leave any out!
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I was going to reccomend the ex70's too, but he pointed out that he doesn't like "earbuds thingies." So we'll have to leave those out, unless he's willing to try them.
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Originally posted by Neruda
alright, you know what...

it's edited. you happy now?
Nope - I kinda *liked* "stypish"... and it let me make a joke. Ok... admitedly, it was a bad joke....

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I was going to reccomend the ex70's too, but he pointed out that he doesn't like "earbuds thingies."
Oops, missed that part, sorry!
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They might not work well with the r900 anyway, since they're rather hard to power.
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I use the 888's with my R-900 recorder - they do go loud enough most of the time for me (although they do let a surprising amount of outside noise in for earbuds). I have also used the MX-400's and they work well.

The only time I've known this player to go 'really loud' though is with the Etymotic ER4P's. If you can afford them - don't hesitate.

I hope this helps.
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I would just like to ask why everyone is always saying that the EX70s are hard to drive? My MZ-R90 mdp (2x5mW) drives them really loud at 50% volume. Maybe I just listen really quiet?
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or maybe I listen really loud . They do have a low effiecency rating though, I think around 91dB/mW.
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Actually, the MDR-EX70LP has an efficiency rating of 100dB @ 1mW, which is moderately lower than that of other Sony earbuds (108dB @ 1mW).
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But 100 dB @ 1mW is still more than Grados 98 dB @1mW.
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yeah whatever, they don't get as loud as Grados!
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