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Which CMOY?

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I am in the market for my first headphone amp. (My Boostaroo sounds like crap) There are so many different choices in the <$100 market and I am confused which one to buy or will it matter because I have that "Gotta upgrade" behavior. I am leaning towards the BSG CMOY but there are many others (PA2v2,Zero,Penguin). Are they really that different or pretty much the same?
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Get a Mini 3 for a little over $120-ish for new and about $100 used.
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FYI: PA2V2 is not a cmoy - he has his own design. Don't forget to watch the head-fi buy/sell forum - you may find a good deal on a used unit.
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Originally Posted by Alai View Post
Get a Mini 3 for a little over $120-ish for new and about $100 used.
I agree. The MiniĀ³ is a significant upgrade over the CMoy.
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my BSG cmoy got here today and it is worth every penny for $50. Love it! BTW depending on your hearing, i have read reviews wherein the lil BSG has out performed an Headroom Micro with an AKG 701....hope that helps.
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I have heard nothing but good things about the BSG which is a good deal for the price. On the other hand, I've heard trash talked about Pa2v2.
I'm not quite sure if I remember correctly, but the penguin boost bass a bit (If thats your thing).
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Well since I couldn;t make up my mind, I decided to buy both the BSG and Zeroaudiocraft. The Zero CMOY sounds fantastic and was a nice improvement. I am very happy with it! I am expecting the BSG on Friday and if the BSG product is as good as Zero, I will be thrilled. Listening right now to my Cowon D2 with Zero CMOY and AKG 81DJ. Great combo!
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this is my choice LINK
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I got the Lyrix amp (Penguin) it runs my HP-DX1000 really well, I love the bass boost feature. Not sure whether I like the crossfeed or not, I still can't notice the difference it is making.
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Penguin Caffeine Ultra was my first portable amplifier, and it just blew me away.
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Try the DIY Cmoy for fun, gives some insight into what goes into better amps as you get the upgradis fever! On the cheap too!
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Rockhopper mini3 is very nice...excellent sound and build quality
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