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Excellent read, Nik. You don't give yourself nearly enough credit for your linguistic skills, man. You've actually got a pretty good handle on the English language!

I'll just say this... if I'm ever in Italy...

I liked the 'remastered' statement
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...if you are ever in Italy, you are welcome at my home!

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Bravo Nik!

What you said about simple schematics and absolutely clean and powerful power supply really moved me. There are so many amps out there that have these crazy complicated circuits, but they really cannot beat a purist configuration like yours...

Seriously though, gees, if I ever get rich enough...
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hey nik!
it's nice to see your finally saving up for something else... like retirement maybe? heh... hmmm.. maybe ten years or so from now.. maybe we will all have this good of sound in our homes *dreams*
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Congrats Nik, sounds like you've finally reached your personal audio Nirvana! I was getting worried for you, wondering if maybe what you were looking for couldn't be done in the real world. But you had faith and perservered after many set-backs that would have stopped many of us dead in our tracks. It was sure fun tagging along on your quest up Mount Head-Fi. You've certainly planted the flag up higher than many of us can even see from here. Cheers.

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not sure if you have answered this??? what type of headphone jack did you use...??

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Thanks for the great journey Nik!
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london luke,

Each little particular is decided and cured incredibly, even the only one headphone socket! The designer (Mr. Garlaschi) tested a lot of sockets (Neutrik and others), but that he adopted has the better performance, because even this little output has a resistance and this rhodium and palladium piece has perfect in our situation.


Yesterday I was thinking that (finally) I found what I was looking for. Until the first moment I had the R10 I have believed in incredible quality and I started the long history for a amp in the same class. Now the three piece of my eq (source-amp-cans) and cables… have as characteristic to let flow the music, as you said: the R10 “disappears”, the same is for the amp and even for the source and cables… conclusion: only music is the protagonist in this headphone system.

Best to all!
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nik- Yes, but what brand/model socket is it?
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At he moment I only know that is a japan made one, but Mr. Garlaschi promised me a complete specs's manual and probably I'll tell you even the socket's brand. I hope this help.
The esternal aspect of the socket is very simple, when you insert the cans you can hear a "tac" giving to you a sense of security in the connection. Inside the socket is totally opened, no plastyc elements in his construction.

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