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HD650 might not need an amp after all.

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I came to an interesting realization that the HD650 sounds very good straight from my IP35 Pro board. No standalone DAC, no amp, not even a soundcard. I stumbled across this configuration when I sent in my DAC to Ori so my rig was decommissioned for a while. The sound is very reminiscent of my e888, entrancing midrange, but with the soundstage of a full-size headphone. The highs are softer and the separation is a lot less revealing than with my amp and DAC. But, the midrange harmonizes these caveats by making the music smooth and fun. There is neither veil from my board or my setup, so I can't comment on other people's sentiments. Please give it try. I was able to get above moderate listening volume by maxing the volume.

IP35 Pro (L/R out) --> HD650 w/ Grado 1/8" adapter
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now i'm VERY curious

i'll try plugging in my HD650's directly into my integrated audio (bypassing my amp and 1212m) as soon as my cans arrive from jilgiljongiljing sometime next week
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I agree with the OP that the Realtek ALC88# series of audio codec chipsets - especially the ALC888 and ALC889a - are surprisingly good in sound quality and performance for such inexpensive motherboard-integrated onboard audio. That IP35 Pro motherboard has a Realtek ALC888 codec chip for onboard audio. My Asus P5K motherboard that I'm using in my spare rig has an ALC883 codec chip, which sounds good enough when paired with a typical consumer mass-market 2.1 or 5.1 computer speaker set.
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Somewhere along Head-fi history, I've forgotten that people once said buy the headphones you want first and then decide if other upgrades are necessary. I was surprised because I didn't expect anything good to happen. But if you can avoid critically listening for a moment, the HD650 can be very entertaining with minimum components. The secret I've know since the e888's is that people want a full sound. Many mistakenly call this phenomenon bass, but to me it's actually the midrange that broadens the spectrum.
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my P35-DS3L has an ALC888, and while I havent yet used it standalone with an HD650, I have used it with AD2K's and MDR-7506's

perhaps its the more analytical nature of the cans I've bothered connecting in this way, but I was not happy with what I heard. the midrange was especially muddled, which annoyed me despite the pleasant warmness. the soundstage felt practically nonexistent with the Sony's, and was barely better with the AT's.

granted this chipset is better than many older AC97 integrated sound solutions, but unless this is a miracle combo with the Sennheisers, I doubt this will be a very eye-opening experience
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I've used my 650 on my motherboard's Realtek soundcard. yes, it sounds nice. that's b/c the cans are forgiving to begin with.

then a portable amp inserted. sounds better....

replaced that with my desktop tube amp. sounds great....

and finally inserted a dedicated DAC from motherboard's coax out to tube amp. Now it's wonderful.

as mentioned many times, the 650 scales well. it's forgiving. but to get the best out of it, you need to consider your audio chain
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