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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Look like the vintage studio headphones still kicking.
So what's it gonna be, in the final round...

K240 Vs K340 Vs Monitor 10.
Don't forget the Monitor 10R. It might be a later model headphone but the quality and all metal finish is a authentically vintage, if that's possible.

I see another poll coming...

By the way, speaking of polls, I started this thread because I really wanted to inform myself a little bit about vintage headphones. I started thinking about them however when I was thinking about beautiful modern headphones. Anyway, I started 2 polls on other threads asking for people to vote for what they think are the most beautiful headphones. I want to do one final championship poll but these polls are too close to call right now. I would appreciate it if you all would help break the ties here and maybe revive the polls until there are clear leaders. Thanks. Click below:

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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
It's surprising that there are no damping materials. There's probably a reason for that, but maybe you could try some sort of cotton fiber. The Monitor 10 doesn't really suffer from overemphasized bass that needs to be controlled, so it may not be necessary.
I think I'll try it on one side and see what happens....
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As it was odd to listen just in one ear, I filled both cups with cotton (very easy and very reversible). It now sounds ... like a Monitor 10 with cotton in the cups.... Actually it still sounds fine, and I am not sure if it did anything. Not a very revealing find, I admit.

EDIT: I really shouldn't try to compare how things sound while having a terrible cold...
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So far, for me, sneaking in at the very end of the 1970s are the Panasonic (also Technics) EAH 500s. There has been a lot of criticism of vintage headphones and their lack of bass and I have certainly found that with all of mine, except the EAH 500s.


They are very light, comfortable, sensitive and the pads fold in. It was if they were made with ipods in mind, though you need a jack adapter.

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Most of the AKG headphones produced before 1980 were excellent.

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Originally Posted by ericj View Post

Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
I think the Sennheiser HD-414 is pre-1980. Might not have much metal, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound. They're still pretty good. Same with the AKG K-340. The Beyereynamic DT48 has been in continuous production since 1959 - still one of the best for vocals and acoustic material. I don't know the year they were introduced, but I think the Sony MDR-V6 has been around since the 80s. They don't get a lot of love here, but I used them for years and still think they're decent.
The HD-414 is pre-1970 and remains the best selling headphone of all time.

The original 2000-ohm version of it is pretty rare now, though.


I have a set of the old HD 414, bought in 1975. It is one of the first with white plastic and it used to have blue foam pads - and it is the 2000 ohm version.

By todays standards, the sound is pretty shitty though: very bright, little bass and harsh. Very small stage (checked with X-Can v8 and Earmax silver).


We also have a set of HD 424 from the same year with roughly the same sound signature.

Could be due to their age. For hifi I don't use them any more. But the HD 414 are alright for my guitar amp during late sessions.


Sorry - that I cannot contribute to your romantic feelings .


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Lol, 2000 ohms, they don't make them like that any more! My X-CANV8P can drive my 10,000 ohm Sony DR 4Cs, but you need to really turn the volume up. The sound is good, but still lacks bass.

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Released in 1980, so I don't know if they count, but the first DT880, 600 ohm, is a very fine headphone.



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Yar, there be some thread bumpin' here!


I like my SE-L40s-- not amazing headphones by any means, but for the price, phenomenal. If you're not a fan of their sound, you could always display them as pieces of art too! ;)


A lot of those vintage Pioneer and Sansui get my juices flowing. Build quality like you just don't see any more.

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What about the DT48s?

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Originally Posted by Ruffle View Post

What about the DT48s?

DT 48, win!

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Damn, there are some sexyass headphones in this thread.

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Stax SR Lambda normal bias - can't be beat

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DT48/HP1/2/3/Yamaha 1000/Lambda's/K340/Sextett..& various Ortho's & electro's.. IMO every headphone I listed is just as good if not better then the best headphones in production today.. Especially the HP2 & the Yamaha 1000. I would include the DT48, but they are too polarizing, albeit their technical prowess astounding, especially when you consider the technology is from 1937.

Originally Posted by davidhunternyc View Post

As I have been searching for beautiful headphones for another thread of mine, I have been captivated by the looks of vintage headphones. My question is what are the best sounding headphones (pre-1980), and do any of them sound as good as modern headphones?
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The original NAGRA DT48S has legendary status among Beyerdynamics.. They treat the first DT48 like Indiana Jones treats a valuable relic.. I'm being very serious.. The first DT48 is locked in a safe at Beyers main headquarters in Germany.. Only a few people had the pleasure of looking at it, let alone touching it. As my sig states, the holy grail of dynamic headphones.. This coming from a Beyer head engineer, not just some 'silly' fanboy like myself..

Originally Posted by Ruffle View Post

What about the DT48s?

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