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Classical Music, where to start?

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hi, i have just taken up an interest in classical music, i have listen to some samples of classical music and i must say it is fabulous, it really sends vibrations through my body. so far, i have heard, "Alban Berg Quartett - Quartett für 2 violinen, viola und violoncello.
Ludwig von Beethoven & Franz Schubert
" and "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Concerto in A minor for piano and string orchestra 1822"

all of those tracks i listened from my friend's mp3. so now i've decided to make my first classical cd purchase, which one should i buy? i've totally no idea lol, but i've read some reviews here that karajan etc. is good.

please give me some advice lol
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Beethoven's Symphonies, Mozart's Piano Concertos, and Bach's anything
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If you want a specific CD, I'd recommend Chesky's "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi. Beautiful music in a wonderful recording.
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Here are two that i would like to share to everyone here who watches this thread.

Bach for RELAXation (RcaVictor)

This one is MustHave...she is awesome..if you like violin.
Linda Brava (EMI)

Get these two, you'll enjoy them.
Happy Listening.
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This is a great place to start:

Amazon.com: The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Classical Music (NPR Curious Listener's Guide To...): Tim Smith, Michael Tilson Thomas: Books

Excellent investment of $12. You'll get a good overview of the genre and suggestions of many wonderful works.

Also, don't ignore 20th century classical. Probably the best introduction is Arvo Part's "Alina." Possibly the most beautiful piece of music in my collection.
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Try this one
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 / Karajan, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
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My personal favourites thus far, after just a few months of listening and only 2.6 days worth of classical ripped into iTunes:

Mozart's Requiem. Pick up the Harnoncourt or Herreghwe version.
Brahm's Requiem. I've only hear the Herreghwe and love it.
Bach's Goldberg Variation. The Glenn Gould CD is great.
Beethoven's 7th and 9th. Get Kleiber for 7th, Karajan or Wand for 9th.
Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet. I've only heard the Previn version, and I'm happy with that.
Chopin's...everything, actually. So far: Nocturnes, marzukas, and polonaises. There's a great CD called...Horowitz Plays Chopin, I think.

Other often recommended stuff:
Mozart's late piano concertos.
Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, Mass in B Minor, St. Matthew's Passion

I'm still really new at this, but DavidMahler, Tyson, zumaro, et al. should chime in soon.

Gah, I'm on holiday...why am I HERE!?
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Just like nyrvana I'm starting to investigate Classical music but the route taken is different. Having actually been exposed to some classical music through the Prog Rock I like to listen to it's been interesting to try out the classical originals. ELP especially based a fair amount of their music on classical works and Mussorgsky in particular which has started my looking into that style of music, the heavier symphonic stuff. As for Opera, which seems rather impenetrable, you can start with the lighter stuff such as Gilbeert & Sulivan which might lead onto the more serious stuff later. It is an interesting voyage however and opens up a branch of music which is huge and, for me, mostly new.

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Originally Posted by robm321 View Post
Beethoven's Symphonies, Mozart's Piano Concertos, and Bach's anything

Bach's Organ~
Chopin's Piano~
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These will get you started...

A few more days left to download these 10 symphonies:

RCO= Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
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Here are some I consider must haves.

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
Pachelbel - Canon in D
Holst - The Planets
Mozart - Requiem
Orff - Carmina Burana
Bach - Brandenburg Concertos
Handel - Royal Fireworks + Water Works
Moussorgsky - Pictures At An Exhibition
Brahms - Piano Quartet Op. 25 and 26
Grieg - Peer Gynt
Dvorak - New World Synphony
Beethoven - Symphony N0.5 + 9
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I put together the list that is linked in my sig specifically for head-fiers that are curious about classical. I link to recordings that are of excellent quality from both a recorded sound quality and from a performance excellence standpoint. I've also divided it up into specific composers in chronological (and musical style) order, so it's easier to focus on one specific style, or to get a broad overview of all the styles. Check it out, hope you like it as I put a lot of time and effort into it.

Oh, one word about my preferences. Some people like "beautiful" performances in classical music, but I prefer "fast and aggressive" performances if/when they exist. So my list is heavily weighted toward those types of performances.
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All previously mentioned are great, but my personal favorites are Beethoven 40th and 41st Symphonies.
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Beethoven only wrote 9 symphonies.
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He's referring to two of the 32 symphonies that Beethoven wrote as a ghostwriter.

Don't you know anything about classical music?

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