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Klipsch X10 or Custom 3s?

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Yeah, another one of these threads.

Anyway, after reading that they're having a sale, and I get my check tomorrow, I thought I'd treat myself to an early Christmas present.

They're both similar in price ($150 vs $175 after half off) and from what I've heard both are fantastic headphones, however having slightly different sounds.

I'd be listening to them out of my 5.5 30GB iPod, unamped.

I usually listen to lots of Video Game soundtracks, and Rock.

If anyone could help me with choosing between these two, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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If you like lots of bass, go with the X10's.

If you like a more flat response that still has a slight warmth to it, go with the Custom 3's.
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buy both--try them--return the one you don't like
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I don't think I'd call myself a basshead, though presently all I have for IEMs are the UE 3's. They're okay, but they do seem lacking in base, though I guess that's because they are lower end.

By lots of bass do you mean real bass heavy? I don't want the bass to overpower everything else.

As for buying both, maybe :P I am getting a decent amount this time aroumd...
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I can't decide between these two either. Both come from a great company...
I'm leaning towards the X10's, but the dual-driver C3's are tempting...
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I too am anxious for a respose...
also wondering, is the bass on the X10 overpowering?
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Having just received my X10s, I can confirm the bass on the X10 is not overpowering (to my ears). It sounds amazing out of the box, no EQ, however it responds well to EQ given a few interesting differences compared to my UE 5 EBs (dual driver vs. single driver probably).

EDIT: For the record, the sound is definitely a "warm" one. Very clear, yet almost has a "glow" to it.

So far I've tested with Winamp using iZotope Ozone + Studio Sound FX (QO Labs) as well as a Sansa View. The X10 sounds excellent on both so far.
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What's Klipsch's return policy like?
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image x10s + comply tips = most comfortable iem known to man.

The x10s are a tremendous value at this price. The customs 3 arent that reviewed here...unlike the x10s which some here prefer over the UE TFP.

I personally have only the x10 to compare against the atrio m5 and the is in another league from these two. It has tighter bass than the m5 (although not as thumping and overpowering), and a wonderful clarity in the mids and treble.
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I've been leaning towards the X10's a bit, though part of that is as you've said that the X10's seem far more reviewed than the C3's.

Though I do like that you said that they are very comfortable, that helps a lot.

On a bit of a related note, I hear a lot about the Shure Olives as good tips. Do they fit the X10/C3's, and if so, do you know where I can buy 'em at?
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I'll chime in for the custom 3's.

Like Taikero said, they have more of a flat (yet very detailed) response, and quite warm. Bass is more than satisfactory for me, but it's not the primary focus of the custom 3's sound signature. However, in bass-heavy music (death metal that relies heavily on double bass blastbeats, for example) they will showcase the woofer driver, crushing your skull nicely. They also do cymbal crashes and guitar distortion very well.

Their strong point IMHO is detail, they are more than up to the task of handling complicated music such as technical death metal, progressive rock and jazz fusion. Identifying individual instruments within the songs is no problem with these.

If they had a weakness, I guess soundstage/imaging could be better, but it's a minor quibble. Shure olive foamies fit on the custom 3's, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm still waiting for the 10-pack I ordered to arrive, so I can have better isolation with them.
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Any more opinions from owners of either?

Gonna get my check and order soon, and while I'm currently leaning towards the X10's, I'd like to hear more opinions.
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I received my Image X10's, and they have more than sufficient clarity for my ears. The Custom 3's I'm sure would have more, but for the trade off in comfort and bass response (and warmth!), I'm very happy with my purchase. The treble has been under-represented in most reviews, IMO. The X10 definitely doesn't slouch when it comes to detail. It's not perfect, but it's more than adequate for enjoyable listening.
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Ordered my X10's with FedEx Overnite shipping. Should get here Tuesday since they don't ship weekends.

Came out to $201.71, with $13.15 for Overnight shipping and $13.56 taxes because I live in California.
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Wow. I did a bit of reading, and will "copy" everyone else and get the X10's :P . The C3's are nice, but there seem to be just so many more good qualities to the X10's. They seem to be perfect in every aspect (every!). Check this site out, there's an interview with the developer, should be helpful... he does however definitely overuse the phrase "special sauce":

Klipsch IMAGE Earphones
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