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Interesting Idea

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Hi all, refer to the link below, it is interesting to see Hitachi Maxell did noise cancelling IEM without any power needed, it uses iPod direct line out and the volume is controlled as shown in the link.

Headphones: Hitachi Maxell iPod-Only Noise-Canceling Headphones Don't Need Batteries

It could be interesting to see if anybody can DIY or manufacture something similar, using line out dock with volume control, connect to 3.5mm jack without connecting to portable amp, i wonder if that could be a step forward on the sound quality, since I dont use EQ on my nano.
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Originally Posted by Gizmodo
about 20dB of noise cancelling
IEMs say what? Most IEMs give 26dB plus of sound attenuation... And it's likely that the IEMs' sound quality is better: the electronics in the noise-cancelling headphones are known to wreck, or at least reduce audio quality, and the drivers in that thing must be pretty pathetic to incorprate the microphones, circuitry and wiring to give this noise-cancelling effect.
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What about the BLISS technology from Vmoda. "Noise-isolating (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) technology to reduce ambient noises and enable deep bass"
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^ it's passive noise canceling - all IEMs have it.
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Except V-moda's whole "BLISS" BS sucks as the Vibes are one of the least isolating IEMs there are. BLISS is absolutely nothing special, just a fancy retarded name for some common sense that doesnt even live up to its big name.
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BLISS increases the bass level it seems.
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The little hole in the vibes mostly increases soundstage and ambient noise. I cant say it had much effect on bass, bass sounds better with a total seal.
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Sony Ericsson has something similar coming out with the HPM-88 handsfree. These seem to basicly be the Sony MDR-NC22 but without its own powersource.
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So, I have use the LOD directly to my IEM... yes without an amp but I have bought a volume controller. Will stick to it until I decided on P-51 Mustang.

So far I am satisfied with the sound coming out from the LOD even without an amp, I noticed there is huge difference on the soundstage, mids and highs also the bass has tighten up very much. As expected from LOD output lol
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