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Sony MDR-V7. impressions and review.

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Short Impressions (for TL-DNR)
durable studio headphones. Lightweight and comfortable. Flat, uncolored, crisp, and detailed. Good definition, soundstage, and separation. Great for high quality audio sources, not so great for low quality sources. Everything the MDR-V6 is, but better.

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I owned the MDR-V7 for 15 years and I can confirm most of your findings. I do find it tends to be on the bright side, it should be more airy sounding then the MDR-V6 due to the upgraded LC-OFC cord it uses, very close in performance to the MDR-D77 but I find not as smooth as the Eggo.

Here are some pictures I found (not the MDR-V7 but its twin cousin the MDR-CD900 from 1987)

Found off this site:
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Had a pair of the MDR-V7's since they first came on the market, so long ago I've forgotten quite when, but over 20 years, the ear pads are a little the worse for wear but otherwise they are still going strong, testament to their solid construction, I also love the extra long cable and the screw fit jack-plug that allows for use with all kinds of equipment, even my iPod

   The sound is consistent and flat, most music seems to come alive and be very accurate, there's a little sibilance on some percussive instruments but overall, for the price they have been excellent value, so much so that I've never felt the need to upgrade even when the rest of my equipment as been improved upon

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