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Originally Posted by yukihiro View Post
if mythbusters says it can happen, then it can happen
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This thread brought back memories of the old Memorex commercial. I couldn't find the original though - only this one.

+ YouTube Video
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zotjen beat me to it. Is it live or IS IT MEMOREX?!
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You can break or damage practically anything if you can get it to resonate enough. All you need is the frequency that the glass or whatever object resonates at and send that exact frequency back at it. If you get it to resonate enough to a breaking point the structure fails. So yes sound can break glass if the frequency is right on.

Anyways thats what I learned in G.11 Physics, so don't take my word for it.
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Well, the jury is out on that. If you can drive something delicate at resonance, you can break it, most likely.

Easiest way to break a glass window, though, I suspect, would be to get a huge subwoofer, and drive it in feedback from accilerometer in the middle of the window.

That 21" woofer from B&C ought to suffice, if you have a 220 circuit to power the amplifier for it This is kinda not in the headphone range, though.
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If the resonance can be maintained and is of sufficient amplitude then there is a probability of a material shaking itself apart. If however the Jewlers glass counter consisted of layers of laminated glass, then resonance may not be easy to achieve. Each glass sheet could be damped by its contact with the resin/plastic plastic layer beside it and you'd really need the whole window resonating to succeed.

p.s. Mythbusters rocks
I really liked the attempt to demolish a bridge using resonance alone.
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you can shatter virtually anything solid with sound except for a few very elastic materials. im sure the government has already created a wepon that can shatter bone. every material has a natural frequency, if a sound of this frequency is played with a large enough amplitude in the presance of the given object the material will resonate with the sound. the material will begin to expand and contract at a rapid pace untill the structure reaches its elastic bounds and can no longer withstand the resonance, at which point it shatters. This is elementary physics.... you guys are all audiophiles i thought you would know more about sound science >.<

edit: it seems i was not the first one to post this =( i shouldve read the whole thread first sorry
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^ Indeed!
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ah, i saw that episode for CSI, i love CSI, great show. they prolly used an mp3 file to break all the glass in the store in the show so they can break all the glass at the same time in the store, which is much faster, if ur a thief or a robber, than the take a hammer and hitting everything.
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Three words on resonance: Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
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Originally Posted by tintin47 View Post
Three words on resonance: Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Yeah, but at least the constructers learned a lesson..
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of course sound breaks glass. you've all seen it in the movies, no?

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Well, technically, even resonance is not really needed.
After all, a 'shockwave' is sound, too!
Therefore, it can even demolish houses, topple trees, etc and you don't even need loudspeakers, etc.... just lots of explosives .
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