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info please: CX300 mark II

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Anyone know anything about an update to the CX300? Is it just a cosmetic change? (UK) : Sennheiser CX 300 Mark II Precision Headphones (Black) : Electronics - Free Delivery
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read the frequency responses of both the cx300 and cx300 mark 2, they vary very slightly so you would think they have done something to change em, i doubt it tho
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they've made them look like the 400's and 500's.

I don't know if they've changed them sound wise, but its not as if they need to, hordes of people will buy them because their mates told them its like having a subwoofer in your head.

That's basically what happened to me a couple of years ago before i found head fi =).
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Cheers. I think I'll give them a miss then, especially as they've now gone up in price.
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