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Multimedia presentation | sound (noise)

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Hi there,
I have a presentation in multimedia class next week and still haven't find any appropriate information about it, i must present noise and it's types then the way to generate some type of noise in MATLAB software.
(I should use MATLAB somehow and show at least one of it's functions or parts)
but to be an interesting presentation (not just theoretical ) i would like to introduce different types of drivers in headphones (dynamic, electrostatic, micro armature) in a short time and then describe the use of noises to burn in dynamic drivers.

now the main problem is to find information about these and link them together. I think it's better to say about sound and it's characteristics at first, how you think?

any idea about the topic, changing it, add something to it or any information and illustration are appreciated.

thank you beforehand,
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Start with the basics and work your way from there. You can talk about how it's made, using headphones and stuff like that as the "meat" of the presentation.

That is how I would do it.
I think the class would love to hear different high end headphones. Full sized cans would be best though, (no ear wax)
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I did it about 20 days ago, though thank you for your care and advice.
I did just the way you say, started with the basics and put an interesting part about all types of headphones in end. it was good
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oh btw... Matlab is a hindi word which when translated means "Meaning".

je parle le sort des langues ( i speak lot of languages)
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oh i didn't know that, so let me teach you another language here!
there's a word in persian that is pronounced "matlab" and means "topic","issue",...
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