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Originally Posted by Jap View Post
Inquiring minds are inquiring again: does this mean the Ed 9 price drops?
might go up
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Originally Posted by dclancy View Post
OK, maybe I'm nuts, but these look pretty sweet.
Don't think you are nuts.
We all have different taste, and like you I think these looks quite nice.
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Originally Posted by cantsleep View Post
might go up

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Well it seems that, in terms of physical design, Ultrasone is taking somewhat of a departure for its next flagship model, the Edition 8.

Borrowing from the new-ish PRO900 an "updated" titanium driver, and S-Logic "Plus" (air-quotes intentional, as I don't know what's really different from previous versions), everything else seems to have changed a lot.

Comfort looks to be a primary consideration, with all the extra padding on top, and in the thicker earpads. Shape of the earcups is interesting, looking like some late-model Philips cans. Earcup depth is rather shallow. Ultrasone is still tweaking sound signatures with offset driver placement, but now with thicker earpads, and this proprietary "acoustic tube". Wondering what this is all about?

I'd love to hear Herr Koenig's take on these new designs. Has he gone public about any of this?

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They seem to be telling us that the e8 is using a new driver again after the after the pro 900 was released and and the spec of the pro 900 and e8 are totally different. This might actually be a completely new driver.
Or maybe they are lying and reusing the edition 9 driver actually I don't mind if they are using the same driver if they manage to make it sound better than the e9.

Pro 900

Technical specificaions

Dynamic principle, closed
Frequency range 6-42000Hz
Impedance 40 Ohms
Sound pressure level 96 dB
MU Metal bufferboard, reduced
New 40 mm titanium-plated drivers
Weight 295g (without cord)

Edition 8

Release date beginning of April, 2009
price150000 yen
●Dynamic principle, closed
●Drivrer:40mm Titanium plated 
●Frequency range:8~35,000Hz 
●Impedance:30 Ohms
●Sound pressure level:94dB 
●Cord:Straight1.2m/4.0m(extension cord included) φ3.5mm gold plated mini jack(standard jack adaptator included)

Edition 9

Frequency range : 8 Hz-35000 Hz
Impedance : 30 Ohms
Sound pressure level : 96 dB
headband pressure : 5.2 N
Weight : 310 g (without cable)
Carrying case : size W230 D230 H60mm
made in Germany
Suggested retail price : 241500 yen
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If I recall, the pro 900s have detachable cables. That is a real convenience for those of us who like to have our headphones re cabled. Does anyone know if the Edition 8s will also have this feature?
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Doesn't look like they have this feature I hope they change their mind about this. And I think that a single sided cable would be more convenient for portable use if they are really planning to market the e8 as portable
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Originally Posted by nnotis View Post
detachable cables...Does anyone know if the Edition 8s will also have this feature?
From the pics, it appears the cables are dual-entry, hardwired, like the E9/7's.
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This looks to be the first Ultrasone without that old headband design, nice!
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This looks like one of those either love it or hate it designs, lets hope its sound is not like how it looks.
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these look pretty ugly tbh. i hope the sound is better than the pro900.
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Originally Posted by Jeremy1234 View Post

Only Edition 7 is limited edition but not the Edition 8 or 9.

The availablity of the Edition 9 is also limited.

How limited?

The last ones have been produced.
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Originally Posted by Deftoned View Post
This looks to be the first Ultrasone without that old headband design, nice!
Yeah, looks similar to the Denon one. I think this is probably a good thing as having a headband similar to cheap headphones (like Sennheiser HD280 on say the Edition 9) was a bit ridiculous. I don't mind having a similar design, but it'd be nice to see some differentiation between the models (well it wouldn't be bad if the lower models were the beneficiaries, but to me the higher Ultrasones seemed cheap). Sennheiser has a kinda common design, but they also do a good job of making there be distinct differences as well.

Based on the looks, I don't see how why they're marketing this as a portable. I also think its not a good decision to move away from the detachable cables (if anything they should go the other direction and then offer factory cable options of different lengths).
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Well, to me, this is a light-years ahead better/more attractive design than anything I've seen from Ultrasone so far. I think this model looks pretty darn good, FWIW.

Now, if only this one doesn't clamp onto your head with a death-grip of the alien face-hugger like previous models, then to me, this is major design triumph!
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