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Originally Posted by elwappo99 View Post

Kinda hard to tell with the pictures, but that's some surprisingly low quality solder work. I'm sad to see that on such an expensive set of headphones. 
it may look a bit sloppy and burnt, but the actual connection looks solid without residue so its the connection that matters..
Also they used quality solder..

Also opening these units is not hard you just need the right type screwdriver and need to peel the pads off gently to gain access BUT,
Like I say, the main problem is the pads that will loose their bond so will need to use a double sided tape and the one I posted earlier is the only one that worked for me..
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Hey my unit is older and has a serial number of 1030 ,
So I like to know what type serial numbers members have that are recent as I herd that the ed8 had a bit of variations in signature especially when I compared my old one to another member's new one and it was more flat while mine was rather "V" shaped and juicy sounding in comparison, yet you still could easily tell they were similar sounding. .

I had to open my pads and almost totally cover one of the two bass ports closest to the driver to tame the bass level and it worked nicely to lower the level while retaining the depth and doing so shed more light on the bass detail retrieval. ..
My unit has whiplash cable rewired to it so not sure how much the stock played a part in sonic difference.
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I have an Ultrasone ED5 and I am very very happy with it.


Now I want to built some balanced cable for it, so I need to get some of their proprietary connectors that are used on the ED5 cable on the ear-cup side.


They call those connectors : "MMCX-plugs » and they fit the  Edition 5 but also the  Edition 8 ROMEO & Edition 8 JULIA headphone


 I need 2 pairs of those connectors.


Can someone tell me where I can get them ? 


thanks in advance


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Not 100% sure,
But Check ebay, and here ..


You can ask them for connectors only to see,

But a side note about the silver dragon cable,
I personally prefer only a pure silver or pure copper as the Silver dragon was more coherent than two top copper & silver plated cooper wire I tried..

Pure silver is not bright it is most coherent and balanced I tried and also has excellent bass.

I have the twag V1 old silver wire and recently made a balanced connector for the Silver Dragon cable,
and both are very, very balanced and coherent...

In comparison, I found silver PLATED wires tend to be flashy and detailed but Soundstage suffers from disproportion (lack or exaggeration) of coherent nuances..

Anyways goodluck!
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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

Not 100% sure,
But Check here ..



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Since this thread is mute for a while I decided topost some findings..

I really liked the form factor of these two over most if not all portables.
Only these two I prefered over the sony7520 and AKG which also are on top of pile for portable over ears.
the thing is,
The PM1 was very much like a sony 1r in signature.
Very nice and smooth just nice.
but the Sony7520 was more detailed and accurate yet it has a silibance that cannot be denied.

Yet the reason why I post my findings here is that of all the headphones owned that I listed here, as well as all the other portables I have ever owned, NONE have ever has the most resulute trebles as these ed8.
they are sometimes a bit too much, but the timbre(not plasticy or odd) and sound and palpable imaging of the trebles in a portable dynamic transducer are the best I herd on these ed8.

I also know at the time the signature on ed8 were not exactly the same on so many different models of the ed8, as mine seemed to have more of a V shape and I also have solid silver recabling..
But it stands to reason that this capability of the ed8 in treble resolution persists on all ed8.

Also I agree that the ed8 is overpriced (just like the PM1) but to me the ed8 is worth it and if knew better I would have not have purchased so many others.

The irony of it is that this picture shows why I sent back the PM1.
I was actually happy with the PM1 for portable use until I put the ed8 back on my head at was slapped with all that upper range realism..
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To me, the ed8 is the most versatile headphone I've ever owned and well worth the price.
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