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Hey guys, up for sale is my practically brand new Edition 8 for a great price if anyone is interested. See signature! 

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Don't you like your brand new Edition 8 ?

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Oh I definitely do! I need the cash, and for me, I want to go with the Sig Pro instead. It fits me a little better and I feel like I can actually sit on the bus with them. I have a suspicion I will miss the razor sharp imaging and massive soundstage of the Edition 8 as soon as they are out the door. I'll be one of those guys to rebuy it down the road when I'm not on the road so much.  

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Originally Posted by AlanHell View Post


What music are you playing on it and what source are you choosing?

I brought this headphone mainly for portable usage which will be playing main stream MP3 files for the most of time. For all those pop and rocks, I found the sibilance is so harsh that it kills every single enjoyment of the music. I know that most of the pop and rock recording are done with very crappy equipment and remix so they can sound good on beat solo. However, I  was expecting more forgiveness form this phone since it is portable.



I only use lossless files for starters, I may have less than 20 mp3s out of 11,177 songs on itunes plus flac music of ??? who knows.


I listen to jambands mainly, often live downloaded from archive.org.  Also classic rock i guess and some jazz/blues.  Lots of Santana, Hendrix some Grateful Dead if good copies, Steely Dan, i donno ya know.  Jam band taste from Moe, String Cheese Incident to Phish.  But there is so much out there in the nooks and cranies, lots of free soundboard stuff.


System if at home i use my macbook pro with Amarra -Diverter usb converter-highly modified PSaudio Digital Link Dac(barely resembles original with mods)-v200-Ed8 LE.


Portable system- I have two.  One is HM801-pico amp only-Ed8 LE.

The other is ipod-Fostex HP-P1-Ed8 LE but occasionally put the Pico in line if i have a coat pocket.


Like i said, i don't get it.  Some have suggested that i just got a good one, i donno.

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Now is just a good time to buy an Ultrasone Edition 8.  Terrible time to sell it.


Happens with all headphones when the "newer" item comes out.  Unlike most things though, headphones can recover in price once the dust settles.


I'll check back in a few years to see how the SP holds up. I think $800 is a fair price for the 8

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i wanna buy the ed8 when it goes down to 200 =D

ill wait x more years i guess

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The reason the price on the ED8's is so low is because the market  is saturated with RMC ED8's that users got for less than a grand new.  As long as those prices are around the used market will only go down in price.

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Are they less than a grand now? Mine is an RMC, and it was definitely not less than a G. Never heard of that. Mine is brand new, and I'm giving over 10% off the already incredible RMC price. Do I really need to be lower?

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lower than 1G as in 999  lool.


But yeah...  at 850-900 SigPros is massively a bargain.


I'd be much more comfortable wearing them out in public versus my Ed8LE


However, I wont look as cool :(

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haha yeah, if you're purchasing the LE, you're definitely interested in how it looks. I can't see them when they are on my head enjoying the SQ. That is far and away what is most important for me. I dig the matte black rubbery and leather goodness of the SP! But they surely are no Ed8LE. Some of the most beautiful stuff out there. 

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I like staring at my 8LE and talking to her...


Also when they're on my neck I look like a baws...


I got the LE for a very very heavily discounted price for brand new..  so... I'm fine with it.  


but the sigpros tickle my fancy although there is no way I'm gonna be able to justify another top tier closed headphone.

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Originally Posted by wilzc View Post


I got the LE for a very very heavily discounted price for brand new..  so... I'm fine with it.  


Yeah i wanted a different model at the time but he didn't have them i stock and then matched and insane discount someone else was having on all Ultrasone thus i ended up paying about the same as retail on a regular pair.  

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Indeed, although given one is closed, it wouldn't be out of the question.
More than a year later, I still am of the opinion that the Edition 8 is the best closed headphone currently in production.


Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

With this statement, I completely agree. Simply outstanding at pretty much everything...portability, comfort, construction, sound quality (including incredible sound staging for a closed headphone) and noise isolation.

I should be receiving my Ed8 some time next week and I have never heard or even put one of these on my head yet.redface.gif 


I am still on page 30 of this thread.popcorn.gif  So I have this question for you existing Ed8 owners and former owners:  Do you agree with the above comment about the Ed8 now or if you have moved on to other headphones, why?

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The SigPros to me have exceeded the Edition 8 in terms of sound quality for my personal preference.


However, the Ed8s are still far more beautiful.


The T5Ps will compete with the Ed8s neck for neck, but personally, I prefer the Ed8s. I don't really like the beyer TOTL sound.


The Denons I've not heard, but they're hardly 'closed'.


I've thus owned the Ed8 LEs for about 10 months. I'm still in love with them.


My recent purchase of the HeirAudio 8.A made me appreciate the Ed8s more.

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I have the money but I'm waiting for a big discount on either an Edition 8 or a Beyerdynamic T1.  biggrin.gif

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