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Ultrasone Edition 8

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Just found an article about the Edition 8s.

Few facts:

-They should be out around 04/2009.

-A newer, "S-Logic Plus" is used.

-Ethiopian sheep leather is used again, and the entire headband is covered this time.

-Instead of plastic, Ruthenium was used in the housing.

-The inner volume of the houseing has been increased.

-Lighter weight (~240g) than the previous model.

-Proprietary "acoustic tube" used in the driver area to control the air speed and to strengthen the amount of bass.

-Will not be a limited edition model like the edition 7/9s.

-Price estimated to be ~150,000 Japanese yen.

-New driver based on "Mylar" and titanium coil (?).

Source: HERE

I'm too lazy to translate the whole article - I'm sure someone else will be happy to. =)

Also, let me know if I got anything wrong - I'd be happy to edit.

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Sounds exactly like another hate-love phone like the Edition 9. Looks stylish and stuff, but that "acoustic tube" confuses me
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But why the Edition 8 and not Edition 10? Giving the number between 7 and 9 makes it seem like it's not going to be as good as the Edition 9. Strange.
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I don't understand the use of Ruthenium in the casing.

What did they do, coat it in the stuff?
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wow these are ugly ...
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Originally Posted by paaj View Post
wow these are ugly ...
can't agree more.
even the Dr.Dre's Beats look far better.
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looks comfortable.

i hated edition 9 headband.
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Sorry, I can't walk around with something that ugly and apparently also valuable. It better sound well above an Edition 9 to justify the price tag.
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look so beautiful. Hope they will consider about comfort issue. However, it is hard to justify a 1500$ PORTABLE headphone
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The headband looks like the one used on the d7000 except for the part fixing the cups to the headband which look much more solid. I hope they will be as comfortable as the denon here.
Also I wonder why they don't add detachable cables like their pro line.

Anyway If i ever get those it will be for their sound and not for their usability outdoor since I wont walk outside with 1500$ on my head so they better be an improvement over the e9 sound and comfort would be nice to .
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Awful design.
But at least they covered all that plastic with rubidium/rhodium/ruthenium
Hopefully they sound dope.
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Originally Posted by alpha80 View Post
Awful design.
But at least they covered all that plastic with rubidium/rhodium/ruthenium
Hopefully they sound dope.
Should have covered it in Radium, I hear its an amazing acoustic material.
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Radon gass-shokk mounted drivers!
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Hm...I don't perceive this as a street headphone, but for use in stationary situations (even in a cafe), it is definitely acceptable. (Although Edition 9 is probably better for transportable purposes - it folds).

And *******, but doesn't that look like it has all the qualifications to be more comfortable than any Ultrasone to date?
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