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Arcady Volodos. There is absolutely no one else with this kind of technique.

Absolutely. No. One.

Too bad that he stopped touring the States. Towards his last days in the States he was turning into something truly out of this universe - he's always had the technique but he was somewhat restrained in his interpretation. In the later days, though, he was throwing restraint out of the window and making full use of his abilities.

I'll probably go to Europe at some point just to hear him in concert again.

P.S. I used to be a classical pianist myself, so this thread strikes very much close to home, so to speak.

If you think Volodos is the best. Listen to Cziffra. Volodos and all other 'virtuosos' are babies compared to Gyorgy Cziffra. He is the technique god.

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Horowitz is my all time favorite. Volodos is great and I like him as well. Then there's Alexander Gavrylyuk.

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I think musically Rubinstein

Technically Cziffra

Current champion is Sokolov

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1. Gould
2. Hofmann (greatest)
3. Schnabel
4. Richter
5. Serkin


Living: Perahia

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Alicia De la Rocha

Keith Jarrett

Bill Evans

Carla Bley

Ahmad Jamal

Oscar Peterson

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Erroll Garner, because he is one of the VERY rare few who plays the piano like Armstrong plays the trumpet.


Honorable mentions to Phineas Newborn Jr, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, George Shearing, Brad Meldhau, Art Tatum, Bud Powell and Fats Waller.

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