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Anyone have ER 6 and ER 4? - Page 2

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So I ended up getting the ER-6i's. I got 2 pairs of tri-flanges which seem to be of the "gray small" version on etymotics website.
Are there any smaller then these? Anyone have any tips on what other flanges are usable on these but from other brands?
Seems like maybe the problem for me might be that they go too deep into the ear canal. Not sure yet. They are more comfortable then other ones I have tried. And sure sound better.
I'll be going in a trip next week which will result in about 30 hours of flying during the week. So that will be my testing ground for using the etymotics. I really hope I can manage to use them for longer periods of time then others I have tried.
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I just recently sold my er6i to upgrade to the er4p. The 6s were the only iem I ever used that completely blocked out the airplane noise. I couldn't even hear the noise when the volume was turned down to low to moderate levels. These are definitely the best isolating phones I ever had. This was only when using the tri-flange tips. Other tips isolated fine, just not as good as the tri-flanged ones. The 4s don't seem to isolate quite as well and have way more micro phobics than the 6s, but the large bump in sound quality cancels that out. These things are a huge step up from what was a decent sounding iem. Maybe the isolation will get better with experimenting with other tips.
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