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Originally Posted by b17m4p View Post
You guys really shouldn't compare headphones to women even tongue in cheek, its sortof the definition of objectifying.
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Maybe its just the time to let them go and build the better rig around other headphones, just a thought...
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Originally Posted by b17m4p View Post
You guys really shouldn't compare headphones to women even tongue in cheek, its sortof the definition of objectifying.
Originally Posted by TopPop View Post
Make that three.
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Here's one small thing I've discovered. If I put a thin bandanna around my head, the pads of the K1000s have much better grip. The cloth creates a lot more friction than my head and hair do. This lets my lay back, or move my head pretty vigorously without loosing the K1000s from my head. It might be worth trying.
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I've gone through the same thing with this headphone....3 times. It sounds good, but it just seems too impractical for general use as a main headphone for me. My suggestion would be too look for something similar but more comfortable and practical. My suggestion would be to look at the W5000.
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i don't even consider them headphones, they leak way too much noise which kind of defeats the purpose of fones if you ask me. the only aspect that i liked from them was the bass and imaging, otherwise it was an uninspiring harsh presentation. (this was through audio note dac and conrad johnson integrated)
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I just bought a new chair so I'll see if I can relax and enjoy the K1000

Cheers guys.

I apologise for objectifying women.
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Congratulations with the new chair!
Now lean back and enjoy the marvelous K1000.
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Thanks. Haha. I got the Ikea Markus Swivel Chair. I have it back in Malaysia, but I thought I'd get one here too cos I love it so much.

I find that the K1000 is less serious when closed in [read: more fun] (i.e. not fly open like elephant ears). Anyone else listen to them this way?

edit: It sounds even better when the opening angle is parallel to your ear lobe, if that makes sense.
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I've been contemplating selling my AKG K1000 for over a week. Now the USD is stronger to the pound, and selling it at a mere 1000 USD would get me back all the money I've spent on getting the AKG K1000. Which would be quite reasonable.

However, I've decided tonight that I will not sell off the K1000. Why? Because it's the ultimate reference headphone for classical music. It should be noted that it only performs on classical music, and maybe operas but nothing else.

It doesn't do well in jazz, it's too bright, revealing and aggressive. It doesn't do well with indie vocals (read: Feist, Goldfrapp) because of their extended mids/highs and the dreamy soundscapes. The intimacy and the caved in feel is required for these kinds of music. It doesn't do well in rock, despite it's amazing speed and clarity to detail. You would expect it to, because it does so amazingly well to play out the nuances in Hotel California (Eagles: XRCD). However, it seems so much more right to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen: MFSL Gold reissue) or Temptation (Diana Krall) on the HD600 (only single ended for now).

When I try something like Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Dvorak's 9th, or Beethoven's Triple Concerto, it just doesn't work as well with the HD600. There's so much missing that I just don't enjoy it like I do. Surely, only classical music is the K1000's forte and nothing else.

Clearly, it is a pair of serious headphones, intended for serious listening sessions. I am thinking that there is a headphone out there that offers the best of both worlds. Until then, I shall keep to both.

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Since your keeping it, I'd also suggest you try different amps down the road. In my experience, that aggressiveness can definitely be tamed...better amps will provide improved balanced across the sound spectrum.
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Yes I will do that, maybe that 300B amp. I wonder if anyone in UK has it.

Hopefully I can make it to the UK CanJam meet.
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I have to double that you need another amp for them, imo. These earspeakers are one the best sounding beasts in the world, but like GS1000 need some matched amp to shine. I would say, keep you amp, buy TrendsAudio T10.1 index ( highly modified would be better ) or BigJoe from Firestone http://www.firestone-audio.com/cgi-b...asp?pdtseqnm=8 to taste the difference. I had TrendsAudio T10.1 stock version and it was never bright or shrill. You may miss some mega detail, but K1000 did any gengre you may want with ease. It is warm sounding unit, like tube one, and for the money you will be looking for life to find anything better, imo. Full body sound with warm touch, you will be surprised, trust me...
BigJoe seems to have more autority in the sound, however I never tried one, and he cost a bit more, but not that you have to rob the bank... Or you can by both units together and re-sell one later.
Anyway, because you decide to keep K1000, which is a good thing, you have to experiment with these amps.

Good luck...
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It was indeed a very fussy 'phone when it was my primary can. I listened to many an amplifier; everything from a Marantz integrated, so a vintage Sansui, to a number of modern tube amps. A lot also depends on your taste too - I could not live with it using the Almarro A318B as the 6C33C were too piercing and upfront to my ears, though a good friend thought it an ideal match. I much preferred it with the more euphonic, warmer Primaluna Prologue amp using EL34's.

I am still of the believe that the budget amps (Big Joe, Trends, Kingrex etc.) can make the K1000 make sound, but not real music in the way it truly can on higher-end kit. Call me an elitist
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