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Originally Posted by phnx90 View Post
Great the rubber guards on both buds have come off.
Man, that sucks. I think someone in this thread or another similar said they have made do without the rubber guards on theirs. Conversely, if you're outa warranty period, there is a few good SE530 deals goin in the FS/Trade forums just now, likely due to the imminent W3 release (Spyro, a highly dignified Head-fier has got some for sale at a great price if you live in America!).
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I've had a a few problems with the Shure SE530's. I had 4 pairs replaced, I will not be buying shures for a while now. I have never had any problems with any of the older shures like the E4/E3/E2, until they added the new line up, that's when I first had problems with them. I also never had problems with any other iem brands.
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Man I feel for you.. I couldn't imagine life without my HD25 and SE530..
And for the record, I only had 1 set replaced due to some loose part in the right earbud that started to make silly side-noises when some frequencies were active
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Originally Posted by l1f35ux View Post
I've been using a pair of E530's for 6 months and nothing is wrong with it
Check cables for cracks. Especially near the ear pieces.
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I just replaced my SE210's... cabling near the earpiece split open and was about ready to fall right off. I exchanged it at the store I got it from and the cable has code 0657??? Wow that's old.... guess I didn't get the new cabling then?
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