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iBasso and Sennheiser HD650?

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Are the iBasso amps (D3 for ex) able to drive a HD650 well?

Currently i use the HD555 that are rated at 50ohm so they should be fine, but i know that in time ill upgrade to the hd650's


Oh and does the D3 sound any good?
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I have an iBasso D1 (DAC/Amp combo) and it drives my HD650 okay. I just added a Ray Samuels Audio SR-71A to my portable setup. I guess what I'm trying to say is that my iBasso can drive them, but there's more to be desired from them.

Never tried any other iBasso product, so I'm not sure if my input is valid in your case.
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The P3 and D3 also drove my HD650s without difficulty, at least at the listening volumes that I use.
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my D2 Boa with high gain drove HD600 to a more than comfortable listening level.

But its not the best way to drive them u shud know.
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Yeah im guessing some sort of high-end amp would suit it better, but that will another two investments down the line.

First ill get the D3, then the HD650s around summertime and then a good amp to drive it like the Little dot mk5

Anywho.. are the iBassos _good_, or are they just good value in the portable amp category?
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The ibasso is a very good dac/amp - not just great value, but it can hold its own against amps costing easily 2x as much.
I use it alot with my dt770s, but its still great with my HD 650, but then i'm spoiled at home with my DV332!
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Sounds good. Im about to order the D3. Just waiting for a reply by thier customer service witch by the way is pretty quick

I wish it used the big 6,3 jack so i would not have to use the adapter, but i guess the majority of the headphones on the market uses the 3,5.
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I have iBasso D2 Boa and RSA SR-71A for my HD650. Before I have the Blackbird, I was happy with D2 with my phones. But as soon as plugged the phones into HD650, you will see the huge different !!!!

I never had my HD650 plugged in D2 anymore. Anyway, it's all about your preference ... some people still love D2 + 650 or pico + 650. Nothing wrong with any settings of your choices and liking.
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I will say this: iBasso is good but the GoVibe Petite runs circles around the D2.
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In what way ? And what could you please quantify what 'runs circles' around means ? Is it the DAC ? The amp section ? Both ?
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I wouldn't recommend using ibasso amps with full size headphones,I mean they are portable amps and they absolutely would not stand a change with any desktop amp the same price, I could conclude this after listening myself to different desktop amps at a recent meet, I always felt my D4 was nice but the others are in a different league.
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^^ as much as I agree to some extent with the above statement, I don't with the HD600 and above. If by full size amp, you mean something with a different flavoured sound, then yes... in a way, the mains amp will be better - so long as 'better' means 'has a different sound signature'.

Two neutral amps, however at exact volume-matched levels will sound the same. There could be differences: one could have better L/R separation or another more/less distortion, but they should sound (and do) almost the same.

If one has a lot more distortion or crosstalk, then you get into big differences, but a portable which is built well can drive the HD650 and HD600 very, very well, better in fact than some full size amps.

Mix tubes into the equation and you really start to get a different sound, but it doesn't mean better, just different.

If we are talking about really hard to drive headphones, DJ1pro, AKG 701, then a portable will probably not do justice to the headphone which has a lot more swing throughout its FR to impedance - but maybe.

IEMs are also hard to drive (or can be), but headphones especially above 200Ω are easily driven from almost anything. Whether you like the sound coming from them is another thing, but they are pretty easy to drive.
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