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Fiio philippines distributor

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hi guys just wanna ask whos the distributor of Fiio here in the philippines and if you know the contact no., i wanna get the e3. thanks in advance!
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ive searched all music equipmnt shops, electronic/gadget booths, malls and etc here in my location (DAVAO)... no luck.. go on line, and if you have more extra cash, go for t4.. ibasso's hipping is very fast; 3-4days...
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There is a FS thread in tipidpc Also in wiredstate.com
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how bout you buy from

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dude, there's a seller in sulit.com. try there.
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Hey, nice to see all you guys here. Sorry for the OT.
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FiiO Amps

Anyone bought from this seller yet? Out of curiosity, I want to give the E5 a test drive to see how they stack up to my mini3
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Hey guys.

Slightly OT. I'm also from Manila. Which shops sell LODs?
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Mga pare, glad there are several Filipinos here @ head-fi. I thought "ako'y nag-iisa lang". Back to the topic, I have bought my E5 @ dealextreme.com for a very cheap price and free international shipping. You can check it out here if you want.

DealExtreme: $17.50 FiiO E5 3.5mm Earphone Volume Booster Power Amplifier (Black) *Pre-order*

I suggest you go straight to an E5 rather than E3. If I may ask, what phone will you be using it with? My PFE is doing very nice with the E5. I am aspiring to get an MBE+ if I will have enough cash soon. Anyone from Cebu hanging out @ head-fi?
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There is a local distributor here in the Philippines as per the Fiio web page.

There is also a new LOD in PCOCC supplied by Oyaide Japan for Fiio called the L3.
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You can get FIIO at Sights and Sounds in EDSA Shangri-la Mall. I am testing now a unit. Fabulous.
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I'm Filipino too living in LA.  Seems like the headphone group is also big in P.I. Cheers.

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Egghead Audiohub sells Fiio products. Its at robinsons galleria level 1. Check their fb page: egghrad audiohub
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