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The complexity comes in the fine tuning to your own ear and thus it would be better if you did this yourself. These cups are no longer available but you could modify them into any deep wood cup. Sachu had a smeggy style TP deep cup and they sounded very good too..dB

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thanks, where did you get your damping?

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I have stash of various materials that I use - this happens to anyone who dabbles in modifying headphones for any period of time ..dB
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Originally Posted by wualta View Post

Now if that isn't the image of satisfaction, I don't know what is.

OMG this takes me back!

I loved my Wharfedale IsoDynamics. Lost them in my divorce. They weren't in the box of junk I was allowed to take with me!
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I used to drive my Wharfdale's with a Quad 405 - that combo had great drive, volume and rhythm. It's still one of the best sounding I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.


But the Orthodynamics didn't play well with weak amplification. The headphone outputs of your normal preamp or receiver just couldn't drive them satisfactorily, and I got tired of unhooking my speakers to run my headphones.


I don't know how they sound with modern boutique high output (6W!) dedicated headphone amps, but if you've got a spare 40W+ good sounding power amp gathering dust while you play with new toys, hook 'em up! You'll be pleased with the results... and it's a perfect excuse to play with passive volume controls.

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Valiant is right. Using the speaker outlets of a normal amp is best for Wharfedales. The specs recommend an amp up to 50 watts!

I use a Hafler DH200 (using a Matrix head amp as Pre). It sounded great via my Pass F3 when I tried briefly the other day. 
You have to make up a lead to fit widely spaced outlets though!

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All you owners out there, listen to some good high def tracks and let us know how the old Wharfies stand up to modern competition. I fear they would do well. In the old days they had reference to natural sounding instruments.
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I had my Wharfedales stored away for years (Familiarity....etc., plus I rarely had use for phones in 80s/90s) and had had a set of Senn 480s for Walkman use etc. Got seduced by the lovely wood on A-T WTH 1000s, as I had a Leben 600 with headphone output,plus a Glow One for bedtime, and was happy. But then, one day I tried out the old Wharfedales again and was immediately impressed by the 'reality' of the sound. Imagery was defined and clear. It sounded akin to my Full range speakers (Ocellias).

The AT's were sold on. Am still happy with the Wharfedales. I did have a brief listen to Audez'e recently, but in imperfect conditions,(poor amp) but didn't hear much to give me pause for thought. And the Audez'e owner was sufficiently impressed with the low volume he heard from my phones to be intrigued!

But am very careful with the Wharfedales now! Don't want to break them. Plastic fatigue?

Foolishly I had a spare pair but sold them!!!

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Fascinated with my Ath-2, anybody willing to part with his Wharfedale isodynamic?

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