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comply tips for Ety ER-6i?

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I have read so many great reviews of comply foam tips that I want to try them with my ER-6i IEMs. But the comply website says their tips are only available for the ER-6 (not the -6i model). Does anyone have experience fitting complys to the ER-6i? Which ones fit, if any? What other tips should I try instead? (I have the trial package from Ety & the triple-flange silicone is still the best, but it gets uncomfortable in one ear after a couple of hours of listening, so I think a good foam tip would be better.)
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Look for comply tips for ER 4P. The ER 6 has a different nozzle but the 6i and 4p have the same. I believe the 4p's nozzle is a little bit longer, that is the only difference.
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