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replacement pads (UK)

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I have searched but not found an answer.

Where can I get generic replacement pads for the PX100 in the UK?

The Sennheiser pads were about £8, which is ridiculous. Play have a new pair of the phones for £15! Don't know if they can be got from Sennheiser direct.

Maplin has a pair that fits. Well, I say pair. Because of the way they package them, they're actually slightly different sizes and shapes and one is thicker than the other. I definitely object to paying £2.50 for something that must cost less than a tenth of that to make and is of low quality.

Surely it's possible to buy inexpensive replacements from somewhere?
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Search for Koss cushions pack. There're 3 pairs of them, for, like $7. They will fit PX 100.
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Cheers, I'll keep an eye out.
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You could try headphones direct :

they have the PX100 earpads for £3.53 and £1.16 in shipping costs.

The company is based in surrey somewhere.
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well that's a bit better, cheers. I'll keep and eye out for the Koss too. They're probably much more expensive over here though.
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