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We are trying to save more and have cut back on major purchases (i.e, new car--will just drive the old Caravan into the ground). Luckily we are still employed, but we expect lean times ahead (and hopefully we'll remain employed).

I now don't turn the volume up as much when I'm listening to music as I don't want to use up too many batteries or electricity. It might be time to invest in rechargeable 9 volt batteries. I only listen to short albums to conserve power. I'm back to using my tube amp because I can use is as a space heater and roast hotdogs. I've unplugged my subwoofer in my stereo kit. If my kids were still in diapers, I'd only change 'em once a week. Instead of enjoying a nice bottle of red wine, I just sniff the cork and then re-cork the bottle. If I were still a smoker (quit about 13 years ago), I'd only smoke dogends (that I find in ashtrays or on the sidewalk or gutter) and frequent places with lots of second hand smoke. I no longer shave. I no longer give my dogs bones to chew, as I now chew them myself.

Hi ho!
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Nothing beyond cutting back on buying totally unnecessary things I don't need and enjoying what I already have.
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I'm lucky I guess. I just landed a new job with quite a bit of security and benefits for the family. Something I'm very blessed to have. I'm in Canada and apparently Canada is the best off financially of any of the G8 so that is nice too. That said, I'm now hypersensitive to finances where before I may have been only sensitive to saving and managing funds. I'm trying to learn as much about the markets as I can and figure out where to lump my savings. RRSP/Mutual funds don't seem solid. Metals are better long term, Canadian currency is actually pretty good and buying into low runs of Intel or IBM is always a fair trade off with time.

We'll see how it goes. I won't deny my family too much over Christmas, but I won't be splurging on any toys for myself that is for sure.
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Like krmathis said earlier the currency exchange is the killer, It makes me think twice about buying, which in turn must mean I am not spending as much.

Works good at the moment, but I have my own small electrical contracting company, so you can never tell how quick work can dry up.
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I have checked my self back to school so I am somewhat oblivious to the market as it doesn't really matter for me financially since I am running a net retained loss on a monthly basis anyway and I am piling up on my Sallie Mae long term liabilities. I do have a nice paid internship lined up for the next summer so I am not too worried. Before that, however, I am trying my best to sell some of my non-essential equipments.
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Enjoy what we already have and not covet.

Or at least try.
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Buying less gas,and buying more amps.LOL
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i refuse to pay any more than $165 for ipod LODs.
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I actually am financially better off as i've just started working mroe (end of the uni semester for two months) so have a lot more disposable income then before. That bieng said, I can't afford to spend much on anything (eithere then for hi-fi).
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For me it hasn`t really had an impact yet.

I have been going in and out of university since -98 and by the looks of it I will graduate sometime in May next year.
Of course then I will have to get a job and I plan to work and save money for my own place.

Since I have been a student for a long time I have lived very economical and I really don`t mind it, I am not greedy but it is easy for me to spend little.

As a matter of fact it might be benefitial for me in the long run as I expect housing prices to drop in Norway in the next few years and it fits nice for me graduating and starting to work. Whenever I do get my own place I imagine I have to pay less for it then I initially would have thought.
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Make next to nothing and still haven't sacrificed. Helps to be unencumbered by a wife, kids, and various other monetary drains and annoyances
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It's crazy to see how the economy can have widely varying effects depending on the part of the world you visit. Here in Westchester, people wouldn't know the difference financially between 2000 and 2008.
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Haven't changed much, if at all. I think if anything, I've been spending more.
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The national economy might be down but our household economy is up. My wife graduated and started working so we went from a single to a double income household. Things were really getting tight before she started working so I appreciate the relief.

We also live in Houston (oil and gas) so we have be insulated from a large part of the downturn...so far. If oil does not stop it's free fall, Houston could be in for some hard times in the future. $40-60/barrel oil is a good price point for now.
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Shorter waits at the good restaurants :P More suckers at the poker tables trying to get lucky. And trying to pay down the CC debt in case they decide to jack up rates on me.
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