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good SQ, comfortable, isolating headphones <$100?

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I'm interested in getting a good set of headphones that are comfortable and well-isolating, maybe not to the point of not hearing the person next to you, but enough that you don't really hear much of the outside world. Furthermore, I'd prefer them to be very comfortable even after long listening periods. I like the around the ear style of the Bose noise-cancelling headphones (I've borrowed them once or twice before), but not so much the price point, and it was a little uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Perhaps a more cushion-y (but still isolating) set like those Bose headphones would suffice. I would be listening on a somewhat noisy bus, a plane, or at home, and I listen to almost every genre of music out there, so it'd ideally be adapted to lots of different songs.
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Bose arent that great. Either im616s or 716s are your best bet if for under 100. They both will trump the bose and the 616s can be had for 40 and the im716s for 65 from amazon. Choose the 616s if you dont want to use an amp, 716s if you dont mind one.
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Wrong forum, if you want on or over the ear headphones, not IEMs/canal phones (which is the main focus of this forum). There are some good choices in low-cost sound isolating phones, instead of BOSE (overhyped, overpriced). But you would be better off asking in the full-size headphone forum. A good, inexpensive on the ear phone is the Senn PX-100, but not much iso. They are like $40, and outperform other higher-priced phones. iGrados might also work for you.
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I'd try looking at some lower-end Beyer models... they are semi closed and are very comfortable to wear
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Westone UM1s.
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Sorry, I didn't realize that I was posting in this forum when I made this topic. <.<; I have read a lot of less-than-stellar comments about the bose headphones, which has made me glad that I didn't spend all that money on a pair. Are all Bose products inferior to other, lower-priced items, or is it just the headphones? (ie. Wave Radio, comp. speakers) Thank you for all the responses about headphones. I'll look into some of these sets.
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Just use the search term BOSE on head-fi, and all your questions will be answered. Some (me among them) believe that BOSE offers okay products via an amazing marketing machine. Not horrible, if you like their sound sig, but way overpriced.

Others think they sound horrible AND are overpriced.

Can count the number of times I run into people who think they are so smug when they say, "Oh, I have the BOSE..." I just shrug my shoulders and smile. No longer interested in trying to educate them.
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I think some of the Bose portable speakers are semi-decent although the iems are *****... way too bassy
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