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RE2 tips question

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Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased a set of head-direct RE2s based on my own research as well as the recommendations of people on this board. I am very happy with the sound... but the tips leave a bit to be desired.

After some experimentation, I have found that I get the best seal with the black bi-flanges (at least I think I do - these are my first good earphones). Unfortunately, whenever I wear the RE2s for more than a few minutes (I generally wear them while walking), they gradually slip out til they are perched at the entrance to my ear canal, reducing the sound quality. Any advice, RE2 owners? Should I try some of the other included tips (the clear big bi-flanges are definitely too large, and others didn't seem to go deep enough when I first tried them)? Foam tips from comply/shure olives? Do I just need to live with the fact that I will have to push the RE2s back in every few minutes?

Thanks in advance.
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If you can, try those eartips made by UE. They are more springy and might give you a better grip.
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The comply T-400s work beautifully for me. None of the stock tips fit worth a crap, really. But the complys stay in very well once they get warmed up.
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