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Sennheiser HD 380 Pro (rather large photos inside)

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I just received the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, which looks menacing in all-black. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to listen at all to it, but I did snap a few pics of the latest addition to my full-sized closed headphone collection.

I'll say more later, but I had to post these, as I love the looks of the HD 380 Pro, with a sort of tough all-matte-black thing going on.

Click on the photos below to see larger versions.

Again, I'll have to give initial audio impressions later, as I haven't even put my ears to this once yet. But I also wanted to post this to get the scoop on it, as I've found so little on the web about the Sennheiser HD380 Pro so far.
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Looks like a cross between the hd280 and the hd555. Or a non-noise cancelling version of the pxc350. I hope they didn't use the same headband as the 280.
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Tech specs and cost please to go with your initial impressions. They look cool.
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Oooh! As an ironic fan of the HD280s, I'll wait with baited breath for any impressions, sound- and isolation-wise
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Originally Posted by Nagasaki_Kid View Post
I hope they didn't use the same headband as the 280.
x1. I have a 280pro and it looks funny wearing it but comfy and sounds pretty good for the price.
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The design is the same as PXC350 and PC350
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how long have the been out? nice headphone but not so nice cord, again....
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Sennheiser needs to update the HD280. It's not even funny right now. The headband mechanism is defective and will crack for a very large percentage of users. In a studio headphone, one that's supposed to be durable and take abuse from drunk and drugged-out musicians and angry producers all day long, that's not acceptable.

So, I'm glad these came out, and here's to hoping that they'll do better. And have some decent bass this time around, too.
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Hmm, all the world class reference piss-poor sound of the HD280 Pro, combined with the world class diffuse mediocre unremarkable constipated sound of the HD5X5 series.

Onto a winner there I suspect Sennheiser.

For those who love a whole sheep's worth of wool between their CD and their ears and a level of detail that levels on par with a stoners worn out cassette tape of DSOTM look no further.

Nice shiny looking carry case though, and folding them up that way will be useful for when I want to cram them into a drawer and never see them again.

*this post if pure speculation of course, Duggeh has not actually personally heard the inevitably disappointing product*
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msrp is a bit higher than the hd595... will it at least have similar performance level?
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Originally Posted by Zuerst View Post
msrp is a bit higher than the hd595... will it at least have similar performance level?
If it does, then whats the point?
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hey, any news on the HD 380? Thanks=D
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Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Information

I'll paste an Amazon review that I wrote containing everything I currently know about these:

I got a chance to hear these as a local Guitar center and they sound awesome! I WAS headed in to buy the Sennheiser HD 280's (Pro) until I heard these. The 380's completely blow the 280's away. There is JUST no comparison.

The Bass response is amazing for closed ear headphones. This is quite rare from what I understand.

You can hear all the detail in the highs and mid-ranges and everything sounds crystal clear. Close your eyes and you might think you're sitting in a concert hall.

Since Sennheiser still does not have anything about these headphones on their web page I e-mailed them for info and got the following:

Product Features
Collapsible high-end headphone for professional monitoring use
Highly advanced features for superior sound-monitoring- Extended frequency
response for accurate, reliable sound reproduction- Increased sound
pressure level (110dB) to handle demanding use
Closed circumaural design for excellent passive attenuation of ambient
noise (up to 32dB)
Exceptional comfort for extended listening
Carrying case included for engineers on the go
Replaceable single-sided, coiled cable with 3.5mm jack connector and screw
type adapter to ¼"
Easily replaceable parts for long service life
Headphone with detachable coiled cable, Carrying case, ¼" jack adapter

Technical Data
Connector 3.5 mm plug, straight (separate ¼" jack adapter included)
Cable length 1m coiled, extendable up to 3m
Frequency response 8 - 27,000 Hz
Weight 220 g (excluding cable)
THD < 0.1 % (1kHz, 100dB SPL)
Impedance 54 Ohm
Transducer principle Dynamic
Sound pressure level 110 dB (1kHz, 1Vrms)

I can only find 2 places that sell these headphones right now. Musicians Friend (and thus, Amazon) and Guitar center.

Oh and another thing, the sound isolation these things provide is SECOND To NONE (Except maybe the 280's)! Even with the volume extremely low I could not hear people talking who were standing 3 feet away from me! I was listening to Guns N Roses when one of the sales guys fired up a Bose system in the same room... it was so loud that (without the 380's on my head) I couldn't hear people talking but with the 380's on I barely heard the music coming from the Bose system.

These are totally worth $200!!!! And I'm not even a hardcore audio guy. If you don't believe me just demo these things are your nearest Guitar Center! Take your current headphones with you so you can compare them.
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hmmm, interesting, still would like some more impressions, might have to take a ride down to guitar center with my mp3 player in hand, although I'm not saying thats ideal for testing (esp since I'm not bringing other 'phones down there, and who knows what the environment is like)
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WOW this is the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my life.
Its tempting.

How do they compare to the Ultrasone 780 HFI and Denon D2000?

Please respond ASAP OP
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