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Question about the Shure's se210 and se in general

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Hi, I've just signed up here and am also a new owner of Shure se210.
I was really looking forward getting my earphones but since I got them I'm having some major difficulties with them which I'd hope to find the answer for here.

The major problem is, while sticking the ear-buds in my ears, sealing them quite well, while the outer ambient noises reduce significantly instead i hear every little sound in my ears [it seems like it's coming straight from my head] while I'm walking i hear my legs hitting the ground [i need to listen in high volume to overcome the "thunder" but even that way it's affecting the listening.

I've read people mentioning running with the Se models, i don't understand how they manage with hearing all those little sounds now increases significantly.

Is this how it's supposed to be or am i wearing them the wrong way? i can't believe this is a standard "extra-fun character" the earphones have and nobody mentioned about it [running after the bus gives me a headache now].

I had the Senheisser cx300 a year ago and don't remember this effect by those in-ear phones.

If anyone could share his opinion i would appreciate it a lot, this thing makes all the money spent on the earphones very disappointing,
advice is needed.

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It is 'bone conduction' that you are referring to (sometime also referred as 'Occlusion effect'). Wear softer shoes and walk softly from now on will help. After a while your brain will start to ignore it till you totally forget about it (and we all did). One thing: don't listen to your music loudly.

Since you are new to IEM in general, I'll suggest you to read the IEM guide in my signature.
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yeh read the guide that has been written and pasted up its a great help.

your just new to IEM's and its certainly a strange experience because by blocking everything on the outside you hear everything on the inside instead but this will pass.

also the music will sound like its coming from your brain and this is the downfall of IEM's in general, this is reffered to as small soundstage due to there being no space between you and the speakers, again this will pass and you will hear the qualities it brings also. such as increased detail, power and feeling
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Thanks for the replies, it is really helpful. I was starting to be very worried because of the bone conduction effect, i really hope i get used to it [although i don't really understand how i can get used to such feeling].

Another two questions.

How fragile are the Shure se210 if i want to put my head and rest on a pillow let's say, while listening to music? When i had the Senheisser due to their small size it was possible, with the Shure i am worried of breaking it by the pressure on them.

Second. I read in different places about how after a while of looping the cable around the ears the cable finally snaps and breaks. is that something i just need to wait for in fear?

Thanks again for replying.
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Welcome to Head-fi. The SE210 was my first $100+ headphone. Great phones with amazing vocals wouldn't you say so? They take a fair amount of beating without damage. I don't suggest running with them because the wire is simply too heavy duty. If you continue to invest in music like this and upgrade, I HIGHLY suggest Westone UM2's. I switched over and it sounds like someone just pulled a noise filter away from your ears. The UM2's clarifies everything. Truly amazing stuff. The SE210's are great though.
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