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I bought a pico and d2000 from padam. Communication was very good and he even waited for me to get enough funds to make the buy. Shipping was also very fast.
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I sold Adam a pair of Granite Audio 470 XLR cables, everything went smoothly. I would definitely do business with him again.
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Sold Adam my Gilmore Lite w/ DPS. Very agreeable buyer and no problems at any stage! Would love to sell to again. Business is appreciated, thanks.
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I sold padam a Sansa Clip 8GB Mp3 Player.

He was a pleasure to deal with and comes highly recommended.
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I sold Adam some earpads and it was a great transaction. Thanks.
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Sold Adam my SR-X MKIII and the whole transaction was as smooth as butter.
Communication was great at all times and he seems like a very nice guy.

Thanks very much!
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I bought Adam's Lambda Nova Signature, and I couldn't be happier. He is a very nice guy, and we had a very easy transaction, fast shipping, and well packed! Very much recommended!

Thank you very much Adam!


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I bought a pair of ath esw10 from Adam. It was a very smooth transaction, he was very communicative and shipped fast. It was a pleasure doing business with Adam and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
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I sold Adam a Gamma 1 dac. He had serious intentions as buyer and paid immediately. Communication was excellent and we keep in touch and share suggestions. A real pleasure to have got to know him, not just as buyer but as all around headfier.
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Bought a Denon AH-D7000 stock cable and a pair of original wood earcups from him. He sent them to Sweden in no time. Also he gave me a lot of information and hints on how to mod my D2000. Recommended. :-)
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I swapped my boutique SS with Adam's y1 DAC. He shipped promptly and maintained great communication. Thanks, Adam!
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I bought Granite Audio XLR IC's from Adam. Excellent communication and very fast shipping. Recommended. Thanks.
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Adam bought my Koss Electrostats from me. He payed instantly as soon as we agreed on a deal, and had to wait patiently for them to travel halfway around the world.

I would definitely do business with him again!
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Bought some Stax SRX III headphones from Adam. Great buying experience, - super communications and ultra fast delivery. Many thanks Adam.
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Adam sold me his Millet Starving student. He shipped it the next day after Pay Pal transaction and 6 days later I was already enjoying in a flawless amp. The packaging was also pro! Hes very nice and would definitely do business with him again.

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