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cannedheat - welcome! do share your thoughts on the rattle vs litton for the 2nd!
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Originally posted by cannedheat
I have been reading this thread for quite some time, and have finally forced myself to join the fun.

Here are my Mahler symphonies on CD. Each CD is listed in acquisition order - within a particular symphony.

Sym No 6:

Tennstedt (EMI - London Philharmonic Orch)
Bernstein (DG)
Szell (Sony)
Zander (Telarc - Hybrid SACD) : My most-recent addition

I don't think I've head Bernstein do the 6th, but Tennstedt's was my first 6th on cd.. bought it way back in the late 80's.. it's always been one of my favorites.. right up there with Solti, Sinopoli and Levine (which was a favorite but I haven't heard it in years..).

How does Tennstedt's 6th compare to Bernstein's?

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adhoc, let me get some sleep first - so I can post a reasonable reply tomorrow. I purchased the Rattle 2nd two weeks ago, and may be biased by recent exposure, so I will rest and try to respond within 24 to 48 hours.
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Masonjar, I like Bernstein's 6th on DG. The sound quality is very good and the performance is strong. Some do not like Bernstein's "long-winded" approach - but I am very happy with this disc. I have not listened to Tennstedt in a long time. I loaned the 3 disc set (6th, 7th and 8th) to a friend - and it took two years to get these disc back. I will try to revisit the Tennstedt next weekend. If my memories are correct, the Tennstedt discs' sound quality is fine, but not nearly as good as the Bernstein on DG.
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This is my first question ever posed in Head-Fi:

Based upon my Mahler listing, should I consider the MTT (San Francisco Symphony) hybrid SACD discs? If so, which symphony(ies) do you recommend?

I recently purchased a Pioneer 563A SACD/DVD-A player, and have been trying to find some good SACDs - but not repurchase any existing Redbook CDs. I have recently added Zander's 3rd and 6th (hybrid SACDs), and was considering Michael Tilson Thomas' Mahler discs as well - but I want a solid performance, but I do not want to buy based upon sound quality alone.
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Welcome to the Mahler club.........very solid choices there. I see you own several Chailly/London performances there which seem to get good reviews, especially 1 & 5, have not heard any myself but am curious as always. I hear the sound quality is very good also.......what is your overall asessment of Chailly's new Mahler cycle?

As far as Tilson Thomas performances.........
I don't own any but he has a couple new ones that are well reviewed. MTT is an enigma, he was well regarded young Mahler conductor coming up with Rattle in the 1980s with a couple highly rated recordings then was not active for long time till just recently coming back into spotlight with well received recordings again

As far as Mahler 6...........
You have the fine Szell/Sony but don't overlook the Karajan/DG which surprised the heck out of me, a masterful performance not to be missed.......will give you new appreciation for Karajan, the sound quality is excellent one of DG's best Mahler recordings.
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I too am looking for some solid Mahler SACDs, so as soon as anyone hears of any, let us know! I have a beady eye on some Bernstein stuff that has been put on SACD (I am keen on Bernestein in general though).

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Well I have been listening to the Szell/Mahler 4th, and while not my favorite of his Symphonies, for the price I paid ($5 and change) I'm glad to have it, but I doubt I'll be looking for other versions any time soon (unless it's an insanely good deal...can't resist those!)

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Of the MTT/SFSO SACD series, I'd recommend 1, then 6, then 3, and then 4. 1 is the most successful application of MTT's performance style, which is a combination of hyperdetailing that can sometimes bog the music down and sometimes exagerrated rubato or holds than can also bog the music down. In 1, it's just about perfect as it heightens the tension at climaxes (look at the 1st and 4th movement), distorts some of Mahler's ugly or vulgar moments in musically appropriate ways (3rd movement), and brings out all the coloristic and expressionistic details in the music (throughout). 6 is a straight reading of the symphony, though he can conduct the blazes out of this thing, as he did with the LAPO this past December at Walt Disney Concert Hall. 3 is like a reprise of his earlier effort with CBS, and 4 has some lovely moments, but doesn't really speak to me.

Sound quality is a bit bright on two-channel, but glorious in multichannel.

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Well I lost my first reply, so I will try again...


I had purchased the Karajan/DG 6th as a gift (and had not auditioned this version before - risky, but the recipient was quite pleased with this choise). I will likely purchase this disc for myself next month.

I have not listened to the Chailly cycle in a long time, but I remember my pleasure with his version of the 8th. The acoustics, choir, interpretation, and performance were outstanding. Solti still reigns supreme, however I am very pleased with Chailly's 8th. For the 2nd, I tend to grab the Litton, Mehta, and Rattle first - leaving the Chailly behind to gather dust. Chailley's performance has not struck a chord with me, but I listen to the Totenfeier occassionally. I rarely listen to the 1st or 7th - so I need to revisit Chailly's 1st before commenting further.


I will add the MTT 1st next month - after I have time to constructively listen to Zander's 3rd and 6th. I do want to add some additional hybrid SACDs to my collection, and I need to revisit the 1st. I have not yet entered the multichannel realm, and am content to remain 2 channel a bit longer (but I do like the SACD resolution and sound quality).

Adhoc (this is where I wish I had copied my prior comments - now lost):

Based upon the strength of Rattle's opening movement, I prefer Rattle over Litton or Mehta - but only slightly. Instantly, it appears that Rattle is familiar and confident with the 2nd - and the performance supports this viewpoint (IMHO). I am hooked within the 1st movement; and by the time Janet Baker has completed the 5th movement, I am sold. I believe Rattle's 2nd is my favorite performance. I still listen to the Litton and Mehta versions (and believe they are wonderful), but Rattle's 1st and 5th movements make this my favorite version right now. It took a long time before I purchased the Rattle. I thought the price was too steep, but I recently found a used set.
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remember when you were young? you shone like the sun...............

It's not only true, it's a sad truth :-(

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Originally posted by PinkFloyd
remember when you were young? you shone like the sun...............

It's not only true, it's a sad truth :-(

Ok I'll be the first to say.... Huh?!?!?!?!?!?

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Intended for the "favorite song lyric" thread I would say. A slip of the mouse.

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PinkFloyd may have been been commenting about Janet Baker's age - and her voice was not at her best at the time of Rattle's late 1980s recording. Arleen Auger was overlooked in my comments concerning Rattle's 2nd. Or maybe he means it is time to get back to rock/alternative/etc, before it is too late, .....but I may be reading too much into PF's comment...
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and, DA, what happened to your mehta impressions?
Adhoc, read some of these:

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